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From Far Away: Part 5

Mindstryke grinned, “Everything I’ve heard about the Ascendancy is bad, so I can’t say I’m surprised. You’ll be the first person with the skills of a Dominator that I’ve worked with. The few times I’ve encountered them, they’ve been trying to kill me.”

He nodded toward one of the hallways, “We’ve got them down this way. We can’t keep them close enough that Ana would be in the range of the Dominator’s voice. We’ve got a buzzer to prevent that sort of thing, but we both know that accidents happen. Over here.” Continue reading From Far Away: Part 5

From Far Away: Part 4

The Defenders’ staff recommended a route for our approach that avoided air traffic from both O’Hare and Midway. Following their advice, I brought the jet in. Hal, an AI that specialized in predicting how best to win battles between fleets of starships, probably could have worked out a more direct route through Chicago’s many flight paths, but we weren’t in that much of a hurry.

Besides, it was best not to annoy people unless you needed to. Continue reading From Far Away: Part 4

From Far Away: Part 3

In that moment, I realized that Kals wasn’t speaking whatever they spoke in the Human Ascendancy. She spoke English and her accent sounded like the one out of old movies—somewhere between the US and British. I could only guess that wherever her implant downloaded it from had updated its language files in the 1950s.

I hoped that it automatically adjusted with exposure to new variants in the language. If not, she might be able to pass for someone from India who’d studied in the US and the UK. Hopefully, it wouldn’t come to that.

Katuk wouldn’t be able to pass for a human at all. Continue reading From Far Away: Part 3

From Far Away: Part 2

Haley nodded, “Will it be a problem if I keep the weapons console active? Someone might be out here.”

She wasn’t wrong. The first time we’d flown out to the gate it had been partly to take the jet into space and partly because we could make out without worrying about being interrupted. That did not work out as planned. We’d been interrupted by an alien AI that wanted to piggyback on our ship to get out of the system, supers monitoring the area, and a small but multiple ship battle near the gate.

“It’s probably a good idea. It’s not weird at all to find local ships with their weapons active near a gate. You never know who’s going to come through.” Continue reading From Far Away: Part 2

From Far Away: Part 1

It wasn’t much different from picking someone up from the airport, provided the airport orbited at Lagrange point 4 and you had to pick them up in the Heroes’ League’s “jet”—which only resembled a jet in its shape.

You might see stars in the sky while you pick someone up from the airport, but you don’t see them in all directions including below you.

Also, when you go to the airport, you’re usually going to pick up family or friends. You’re not generally going with your girlfriend to pick up someone who once told you that you were “the one who got away.” Continue reading From Far Away: Part 1

Probationers: Part 10

From under him, he heard the sound of something large and heavy hitting the floor, probably the table. How much protection it would give, he had no idea. He could already hear the crackle of burning wood.

It was up to him. He wasn’t sure how well he’d do against Spitz’ heat after he turned back into a human, but as long as Spitz wasn’t radiating sunlight, he’d be fine.

Crossing the distance, he reformed off to Spitz’ right and a foot behind him. Continue reading Probationers: Part 10

Probationers: Part 9

Vladislav knew he needed to talk quickly or talk with the force of undead charisma—not to Spitz, but to Morgan. Opening up to the energy of unlife, he tried to meet Morgan’s eyes, controlling the flow with nearly one thousand years of experience. Uncontrolled, it would leave him a mindless predator in time.

Even as he felt the cold power enter his body, he knew it was too late. She’d pulled out a slim, palm-sized pistol—too slim to fire bullets. Vladislav had seen them before. Based on Abominator tech, the Nine’s elite agents used them. They could pass through metal detectors and burn through almost anything with time.

She’d declared the gun when she joined the team. Continue reading Probationers: Part 9

Probationers: Part 8

Agent Spitz stopped talking, “Do you two have something to say? We’re trying to decide the group’s next focus and as the most experienced members of the group, your input should be useful.”

The Atoner gave a wide and innocent smile, “Doc and I were just agreeing that the Devil Coven might be too big for this group, but investigating their activity in Pittsburgh would be worth a try. Doc at least has enough experience with magic to match them. Well, he can  match the groups they normally send out–not the entire coven.”

“Exactly,” Vladislav hoped Spitz wouldn’t ask him for details because he hadn’t been listening. Continue reading Probationers: Part 8

Probationers: Part 7

Agent Spitz frowned and said, “Let’s get to work.”

Standing behind the lectern, he began with, “As we discussed this morning, you did an excellent job assisting the Heroes’ League. Our people are checking the effects on the general public’s opinion of the team. Morgan? This is something that you should be caring about because it affects what you can do after your probation is over. If you’re generally popular with the public, it’s even possible that a Defenders unit or one of the other big teams might take you.”

Morgan smirked, “How about the Heroes’ League?” Continue reading Probationers: Part 7

Probationers: Part 6

“Thanks,” the Atoner’s voice faded for a moment, but then became louder. “Don’t worry about it. I can understand that you want to do something. This is just one of those times that you have to trust your teammates, okay?”

“Understood. I’ll look forward to seeing you this evening,” Vladislav looked over at the other labs through the transparent wall. No one was in them. He’d be able to finish what little was left.

“You bet,” the Atoner said, closing the connection. Continue reading Probationers: Part 6