Merry Christmas, and Also an Excuse

Hey folks,

I’m going to update tomorrow. It’s Christmas and while I thought I might update tonight, I was wrong. I’m currently visiting relatives and I’m not up for ignoring them for the next 4-6 hours.

On another note, some of you probably know that the Legion of Nothing has an ending planned. This isn’t to say it’s coming soon (I literally have at least 4 years of stories planned), but it is coming someday.

So I’m wondering if anyone has questions that they definitely want to see answered by the end. I know the ones I plan to answer, but if you’ve got some, I’m interested in hearing them.

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  1. The definative answer to what caused Red Lightning to go evil.

    The reason C doesnt his eyes fixed.

    The nature of the bad future that The mentalist foresaw.

    Who the armored man fighting Lee’s race is.
    But I think the last one will be answered.

    1. The last one is far too important to be left untouched, and will figure prominently in either the last or second to last book. The various futures that the Mentalist foresaw will also be appearing to greater or lesser degrees in upcoming books.

      The definitive reason Red Lightning became evil won’t be directly said, but should become obvious in the next major arc.

      The reason C doesn’t get his eyes fixed was mentioned though not in great detail. Paladin and Preserver have a harder time fixing C in general. Plus, C’s problem is macular degeneration. It starts degenerating again as soon as it’s fixed. So it leaves them tired to fix it (thereby depriving others of the opportunity to be healed by them), and isn’t permanent. Thus, he’s voluntarily chosen a technological fix and only goes in to have his eyes worked on when his vision has declined too far to use the technical fix.

  2. This isn’t a question exactly, but I’d really like to see Nick go head to head in a tech-off with another science genius. He’s fought with them physically and he’s worked with others, but I don’t think he’s ever had to try to undo what another tech genius has done, or vice versa.

    1. That might be a useful idea. Having Nick go up against Rook again will probably happen, and I’ve always intended for Nick to run up against the person who supplies Syndicate L with their tech.

  3. I would like to see a flashforward say 30years in the future were we see: a) who live who is death, b) for who remains if/who they have so and childs and, c) if exist who the new league members are

  4. Oh man after years of lurking I have a ton of these in the back of my head, but for now, I’d love to see a sequel of “All-Nude Heroes League” and the reactions/fallout of it

  5. I don’t remember much from that arc (and I couldn’t find it with the search function) but War, the scarred 3 year older version of Nick, I think it would be cool to bring him over if he wasn’t completely bad. He could be an asset. I honestly don’t remember much more than that his universe’s Earth was kinda screwed up and everyone-ish was dead.
    I suppose this isn’t strictly a question 😐
    Not sure why he stuck in my head.

    Also, and I’m SURE you already have it planned, but more about Lee’s background and people/race would be neat.
    Thanks Jim, I plan to keep reading until you stop writing!

    1. More about Lee is an inevitability. While I initially planned to maintain a certain mystery about him, I eventually realized that people are going to have to leave this story with a certain level of understanding or feel a little cheated.

      Incidentally, War is from “The Omnisphere,” a crossover written by Robert Rodgers.

      1. Just reread the last part of The Omnisphere. I totally forgot it was a crossover! Unfortunately War is presumed dead (and since it was a crossover) there is probably no chance of him coming back. Oh well it was worth a shot, thanks for letting me know where to find that particular expedition/mission of the LoN. Can’t believe it was 5.5 years ago!

  6. You have been the most consistent web author I’ve ever had the pleasure to read so please don’t apologize for spending time with your family on a holiday instead of catering to us. After numerous web serials with sporadic updates culminating in quiet death, the last thing any of your readers want to happen is you burning out on LoN. And much as I’d like to see this story go on forever, without an end in mind you’ll most likely get tired of the whole thing. Thank you sir for a serial that has kept me engrossed and entertained for the past seven years.

    1. That’s a concern on my end too. For what it’s worth, the end of Legion’s main storyline won’t necessarily end my writing about this world. I’ll probably do stories with other characters from it as well as writing completely different things.

      For example, I feel like some sort of Bloodmaiden novel or trilogy would do the world no great harm.

  7. what are nicks ACTUAL definitive powers?

    Also, what happened to alternate universe nick that amy fell in love with.

      1. woot! My personal thought is that his powers, both mental and physical, have already manifested, he just doesn’t realize it yet, and that power juice wouldnt do a damn thing for him.

        Looking forward to the in story discussions though! Thanks Jim.

  8. Nick 1 – Is he ever going to modify his body externally (cybernetics) or internally (nanites)
    Nick 2 – Is the eternal youth serum thingy from infinite city that an alternate nick developed going to be made by Earth LoN Nick
    Nick 3 – Is he ever going to discover his signature weapon to go with his armors. He seems to have an admiration for the gender and burrito gun, and even created the guitar hero weapon but he still hasn’t had that eureka moment with a weapon yet
    Nick 4 – harem or single soul mate route, have to ask with all women around him

    Cassie – The only thing that i still wonder is an explanation of why she is so important to a certain evil group, but i figured that will come with time

    Daniel – Are his powers ever going to surpass his dad and grandpa or is he going to stay in the shadows of his predecessors

    Haley – Is she every going to come to accept her darker side

    1. ooo, good questions! personally, i think the bots and pods are his sig at this point, the swarm effect, as it were, and versatility.

    2. I am pretty confident that the existing roachbot infrastructure, which has already moved from being a spy mechanism to being a base building block of the new suits and the van, is going to lead to full-bore nano-machinery. Which I can only assume is part of how the immortality stuff works — working to maintain you at the cellular and/or molecular level.

      I’m more curious if Nick is going to work out stuff like AI and FTL and interdimensional physics. He’s got access to machinery that does all of it, AFAIK, and has even worked with some of it. But that’s not the same as building from whole cloth.

      That actually ties in to Lee a little bit, for me.

      It’s pretty clear that Lee is present across multiple timelines simultaneously. It feels like ‘our story’ is in one he’s grooming. That is, he’s explicitly meddling to ‘improve’ this timeline and ‘prune’ others.


  9. One question that’s nagged at me a bit is what’s in the storage lockers. There was an implication that the Rhino’s “French” suit from the alternate timeline might have been shut up there (which is I think the last time the storage was really referenced), and more recently there’s been the question of whether the League’s got Abominator technology somewhere, likely there (unless it was a reference to the jet?). I imagine that’s the sort of thing that will come out in time though.

    Likewise I’m sure we’ll hear about “the Nine”… and hey, was that space battle ever explained, the one going on in the background when Nick had called their Agent contact, during his first year at University? If so, someone remind me what it was about. (If not, what was it about?)

    More off the beaten path: The “Star Plate” is becoming a bit of a Chekhov’s gun (are the plans to operate it also in storage?), but it might be nice to see it do something. I would be interested in seeing Keon again (pretty sure that’s the name of the guy in the wheelchair who did tech like Nick) – maybe they can even tag team (with Chris?) to go against a science genius as referenced by Matthew, above. Hmm… well, that’s off the top of my head, if anything else occurs, perhaps I’ll loop back.

    Also, hey, Merry Christmas!

  10. I’ve never left a comment, but I’d like to hear more about Izzy and how she discovered her powers and how she deals with them. Also some stand alone Vaughn stuff would be cool.

  11. I’m very curious about what the overarching backstory involving the aliens is. I *suspect* this is already planned, and I suspect that if it isn’t, it can’t be reasonably included.

    But if it’s not already planned, and it indeed can’t be reasonably included, maybe a spinoff :V

  12. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d like to see the Xiniti (spelling?) who adopted Nick into their clan (for killing the renegade) interface with Nick again. That seemed to be a good launching point for a lot of different potential storylines.

    Nick also noticed, at Stardock, that humans were doing a rather poor job of designing spaceships. It seems as if that would be something he would have a strong interest in addressing. That might intersect strongly with the Xiniti angle as well.

    The Xiniti also seem to know who/what Lee is, if I remember right, which, again, allows for connections to the honorary Xiniti clan membership.

  13. Late to the party but whatever;
    1) will the evil beatnik return for another breather arc?
    2) is one of the Destroy faction one of the 9?
    3) will we ever meet the nine ‘Nine’?
    4) will Amy’s invading army be a book?

  14. Personally I’ve had a funny idea for a joke where someone complains about how Nick doesn’t explain all the functions of his devices and then Nick says it’s all in the manual. Recently I reread the series and it seems like it could work, because his grandfather documented everything and Nick and Chris both wound up with their grandfathers strengths and weaknesses so it would make sense for him to document and make manuals. Plus the people who usually complain about him not telling everybody about a function (like Cassie in DC about the phones connecting to other team networks, or Rachel in Infinity City with the phones) are usually the first to complain about him rambling on about the science. Meanwhile people like Jaclyn (who loves to research everything) and Marcus (who read the jets manual and used the simulator) know about the functions, even C always seems to know. Then Kayla starts off knowing little (during the Hrrnna invasion she had no clue how the battle roombas worked other than vague mutters from Nick) but during the dino invasion she seemed way more knowledgeable (after having helped digitize everything), though that could be just be her getting more serious about the job and talking to Chris. Anyway I think it could make for a funny line or even a full post like the thing with which way the toilet paper goes.

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