And Again…

I wish I didn’t have to do this a second time, but I’m going to have to finish this off tomorrow night. Finishing the last one on Monday night left no buffer against anything  going wrong today, and well, things did.

It’s funny, I think it’s easier to get things done when everything is normal and holidays aren’t going on.

Can’t imagine why.

Anyhow, feel free to continue to suggest story issues that you’d love to see closed before the end of Legion of Nothing.

8 thoughts on “And Again…”

  1. Don’t be a fool Jim, next time close the blog for holidays or stack some back log stories IF you had to feel so bad about missing arbitrarily self imposed due dates.
    Oooorrr don’t sweat over it too much and keep things in perspective, 2 tinies posticipation aver a year are nothing! Relax and enjoy the damn holidays!

    1. Well, here’s the thing though… I’ve done this for the past nine years and I usually don’t really have much trouble keeping up. This year happened to be more difficult–largely, I think because my update schedule hits the exact day of a holiday this year.

  2. What became of the Yellow Burrito? And though his tech was rather…idiosyncratic, it seemed amazingly powerful. Could he actually have had *more* than just a quirky tech-based power… perhaps even, say, empowerment/possession by the “Spirit of the 70s”?

    1. That’s actually in the story–not the Spirit of the 70s part, but what happened to him. Terry Nation i.e. Dr. Nation i.e. Nick’s adviser in Stapledon’s tech program used to be Yellow Burrito.

  3. Oh, and for sheer prurient interest, I’d love to see some incidents involving the Gender-bender gun and the original Legion.

    1. I was thinking maybe someone would use the gender bender gun on themselves and their partner to find out what it is like.

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