Hey folks…

I don’t want to do this again, but I’ve just realized that our furnace is trying to turn on, but isn’t quite doing it.  As it’s winter where I live, I can’t let this go. So I’m going to go try a couple things and then call somebody if I have to.

I’m going to finish this as soon as possible. It’s most of the way done, but heat is important too.

EDIT: I’ll finish it tonight (as in Thursday night, one day late), but on the bright side, my house is warm.

11 thoughts on “Furnace”

    1. The heat just came on. It was as simple as replacing my furnace filter–which I clearly need to do more often than I’ve been.

      Unfortunately, I’m still not done with the update. Running off to the store after checking for possible furnace problems eats up time.

      1. If you replace yours as often as my parents then it is once a clogged o’clock? Or would that be clogvember? But yes warmth first. And maybe set a date to swap out filters and smoke detector batteries.
        We want to keep you around.

        1. I put in the filter before this one in late spring. We basically don’t use the furnace from May through to mid/late September. It turns out though, that a month (or two) in spring plus two or so in fall is enough to turn our furnace filter dark gray.

          Depending on the filter quality, I replace them every three months, but I let this one go too long.

  1. Heat is for wimps.

    Unfrozen pipes are for responsible adults, so I guess putting off the update is reasonable.

    Get a spare filter so you can do a quick swap next year, is my advice.

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