Currently in the ICU

On Friday I went to a doctor’s appointment because I was worried that I might have bronchitis or maybe pneumonia because I was feeling shortness of breath while exercising and it wasn’t going away even though the cold was mostly gone.

The doctor sent me to the ER. After various tests, it’s been determined that I’m getting a pacemaker shortly. Maybe today. It’s possible that I’ll even make the update on Sunday because I’ve got nothing better to do than write it.

Also, I’ve been editing the third Legion of Nothing novel, so there’s that.

That said, it’s also possible I won’t be done on time. We’ll see.


EDIT: I’m going home today.

23 thoughts on “Currently in the ICU”

  1. Whoa, that’s disheartening news! Seriously, though, cardiac health is nothing to mess around with. Take care of yourself, and hope you get better soon.

  2. We all wish you a speedy recovery, get well soon you awesome wordsmith. And never ever prioritize writing over your health !

  3. It’s less dedication than the fact the I enjoy writing and I’m stuck here for hours. The alternative to writing is watching TV or Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video.

    I’ve gotten halfway through Good Omens (recommended), but I don’t want to watch stuff the whole time.

    Incidentally, I’m writing this post-surgery. The pacemaker is in. I’m likely to go home tomorrow.

    1. I’m out of the hospital and doing okay—though a bit more smelly than normal. You can’t take showers when you’ve recently had a pacemaker installed in your body in addition to the two things (needles? Ports?) that they stick in you for the duration of the stay so that they can easily add antibiotics and remove blood.

      I’m glad it’s over—mostly. There are still post surgery restrictions.

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