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Uncontrolled Substances: Part 3

We pulled stir fry out of the refrigerator, heated it up, and ate. Afterward, I went upstairs to do homework while Rachel followed me upstairs and went into her own room. After an electronic crackle, I heard her play exercises on her guitar.

I finished the calculus homework in an hour. Then I took another half hour to read a short story and wrote the answers to some questions about it.

By that time, it was after nine.
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Uncontrolled Substances: Part 2

“So you just told him?” Jaclyn didn’t seem to be able to contain her disbelief.

“It’s not like I invited him to train with us,” I said. “I just told him the same thing I’ve always told anyone curious about who I’m taking martial arts from.”

“It’s not that bad,” Haley said. “Of all Sean’s friends, Dayton’s the only one who’s actually nice.”
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Uncontrolled Substances: Part 1

In fairness to Sean, he didn’t try to claim credit for taking them out. He didn’t have to. The cameras lied.

Good visuals are crack for news crews. Explaining that Daniel mentally blasted Spike and Skewer into unconsciousness is hard to show on screen. Bashing them together in the air looked great even if it didn’t do anything to them.

Not that Sean got all the credit. Punching people into walls also made for great footage — as did shots of Jaclyn and I shattering the ice around us, or Vaughn blasting Payback with a lightning bolt.

Cassie and Haley barely appeared except on those stations that ran the fight straight through.
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