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War: Part 15

Haley and I met Lucas late Friday night on the roof of an old, empty, print shop on the southeast side of Grand Lake. I couldn’t guess the age of the building. The flat roof had three different levels, one of which might have been the roof of the original. The rest were probably additions, but I couldn’t be sure. Sagging, white, aluminum siding covered the outside walls, making the whole building look dilapidated in the same way.

It stood on the northeast side of an almost unused five way intersection. A 80’s era, brown Buick came by just as we landed. It was the only moving car we saw. Continue reading War: Part 15

War: Part 13

I read the transcript and then played back the entire recorded conversation for everybody. Russell Hardwick stood in his home office, pacing the hardwood floor, cursing, and talking on his cell phone.

“The Impregnator disappeared? How did that happen? And why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

From there it devolved into shouting at the person on the other end, and Hardwick never did say where he’d kept it, or anything useful.
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War: Part 12

Chris glanced over at me. “I thought everybody knew.”

“I told Lee. When everybody went over the plan, I thought that I’d either have to do remotely guided missiles, or ask you. After you said yes, I told Lee, and I must have forgotten to tell everyone else. Sorry.”

With everything else going on, the important thing was that our escape had been taken care of, right? And anyway, back when we’d been dealing with Justice Fiend, the Maniacs, and the Ball, Cassie had been more than a little suspicious of Chris.

She wouldn’t have been the only one, and I didn’t want to deal with it.
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War: Part 11

For a moment, Lee and I must have been the only people who realized that Prime was dead.

He grinned as I looked up from the head, and saluted me with the bloodied blade. In that moment, someone shouted, and it seemed like everyone turned to see him standing in front of Prime’s body.

“Rocket, grab the head and dump it someplace!”
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War: Part 10

I checked the the sky, searching it for Vaughn’s cloud.

It floated above the field, smaller than most clouds, and, it struck me, smaller than the last time I’d seen it.

Daniel hadn’t been joking about not being alone in the air. At least fifteen people flew toward the cloud, dark figures outlined against the moon and stars.
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War: Part 9

Bluish sparks surrounded Rachel’s gloves, and the man let go, trying to grab her, but only passing through her body without touching anything.

Knowing that he was strong, and guessing he might be able to rip my armor off, I gave the rockets some fuel, and shot into the air, hovering forty feet above the ground. Continue reading War: Part 9

War: Part 8

Between the unconscious bodies on the ground from Jaclyn’s attack, and my sonic blast, Prime’s people hung back until one of of them shouted, “Move!”

Well, if I could call them Prime’s people.

Some of them looked professional — black (probably bulletproof) vests, belts with pouches, knives, and guns. The rest looked like they’d been pulled from local (and not so local) street gangs.

They had guns too — not submachine guns like the professionals, mostly handguns.
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War: Part 7

Prime stood at the front of the crowd. He didn’t look like someone who had lived most of the way through two millenniums. Under the single light, his brush cut, blond hair shone. His face, all hard lines, but still smooth, could have easily passed for thirty.

As we stepped closer to him, he pulled a sword out of his trench coat. Between Lee’s teaching, and Daniel showing me some books on Roman history, I recognized it as a gladius, the Roman legions’ traditional sword.

Behind me, Marcus muttered, “There can be only one.”
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