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Enter the Larry: Part 4

When they landed, the runway crew had the mobile stairway next to the plane practically as soon as it stopped—which wasn’t until it was inside a hangar.

Larry followed Lim down the stairs, stopping as they met the greeting party. It didn’t include any midgets.

It did include a woman, and three men in tuxedos.

Larry guessed the woman was his age—mid-twenties. She had a wide smile, and wore what he would have thought of as a business suit if it weren’t pink, and didn’t include a mini-skirt.

“Welcome to the Metafight Games, Mr. Mori?” She looked up at Lim for confirmation.

Isaac nodded.

“And, you sir, you’re a late entrant, and I don’t know your name. What should I call you?” She held a pen and a notepad.

“I’ll be wearing the Frog suit, so call me Frog,” he said.

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