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As you can guess from the title, we’re returning to a normal posting schedule tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed getting a window into other writer’s worlds, and I hope you’ll check their stories out. I know that one of the things that really helped me early on was a link from another writer. With any luck, I can do the same for them.

“5.8 Interlude (Samael)” from “Anathema” by Chrysalis

East Cape, South Africa

Saturday, the 8th of January, 2000

7:15 p.m.

Nine years, eleven months, and twelve days before the Pulse

Such a beauty. Maybe I’ll name you, Jordan Steyn thought as he carefully lifted the Musgrave hunting rifle off its hooks above his bedroom door. He enjoyed the feel of the metal and the smoothly polished wooden grip beneath his fingers. They assured him that he wasn’t helpless farm kid anymore. Unlike most boys his age, Jordan was ready to assume the responsibilities of life. Ensuring that his fingers were nowhere near the trigger, he walked across the room, pushed his school books aside, and set the rifle down on his desk. Old man Steyn had made it clear that he didn’t want his sixteen-year-old son to keep his Christmas present loaded, but Jordan figured his dad would never know.

Dad isn’t going to check, Jordan reassured himself. So as long as his best friend and confidante Steven kept his mouth shut, everything would be fine. Continue reading “5.8 Interlude (Samael)” from “Anathema” by Chrysalis

“Damned I” by Shaeor

Jilly was in a daze.

The military schtick wasn’t for her. What with the siren stirring her from too little sleep and the general demands on personal time. It was the price, though. Hypothetically, it was all worth it. Just had to stick it out.

She lurched around her apartment, past her work area and blackboard to the kitchen. She touched the light switch and stuck a cup under her coffee machine. Turned an eye to her wrist and a holographic clock flipped on.

Eight minutes, she remembered. Continue reading “Damned I” by Shaeor


Today is my birthday, so there will be a couple more days of guest updates as I’m not writing tonight.

Next official update is Thursday.

In case you’re wondering what I did on my birthday, I’ll tell you:

I spent most of it putting away camping equipment. It rained while we were leaving this morning, so everything was wet when we got home.

You might be happy to know though that in addition to kayaking, waterskiing, visiting relatives, visiting friends, and practicing a little bass guitar, I also managed to plot out an “original Heroes League” story. I have no idea when it will appear, but it will.

“Power Play” by Gregory Taylor

“You need to do something about the power failure at the hospital! OW!”

Carrie Waterson grabbed the side of her head at the same time as her double. The second Carrie then vanished from Chartreuse’s bed, making Carrie wonder if she’d imagined seeing her other self in the first place. Though the lingering headache implied she hadn’t.

Carrie turned to her classmate. “You saw that too, right?” Continue reading “Power Play” by Gregory Taylor

“Sanctioned, Book One: Rejects” by ChrysKelly

“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity lasts forever.”

Stacey said something funny.

I managed to miss it completely, and I’m not even sure what I was thinking about when I should have been listening. But I knew it was funny, and not nasty, because Zaheera and MJ were laughing. They wouldn’t laugh at something cruel; they definitely wouldn’t laugh at me or Ashleigh being the butt of a joke. In fact, Zaheera would likely get offended and say something to Stacey about how her attempts at humour were hurtful and undeserved.

So it was definitely a funny comment – and for once, that left me wishing I’d been paying attention when Stacey spoke, instead of mentally writing a few paragraphs of my latest Tarzan fanfic in my head.

That’s what I’d been thinking about: I’d left a cliffhanger on my last update – Tarzan was just about to meet Jane for the first time. Continue reading “Sanctioned, Book One: Rejects” by ChrysKelly

“Kill Yourself Working” by Knifleman

Annabelle Park leaned back in her chair, absentmindedly chewing on a lump of tobacco that had long ago lost any flavour or texture. She’d gotten into the habit as a teen, when she’d had to spend a year living with her grandfather on his farm, and had never gotten out of it again, despite her dentist’s best efforts. Someday, she told herself, she’d quit, knowing full well she probably wouldn’t. Continue reading “Kill Yourself Working” by Knifleman

“Liberation” by Psycho Gecko

“Yo, Magneto, what’s the word?” asked Manny’s curious neighbor Wyatt in the Lakeland Special Correctional Facility. Manfred Wells, aka Magnes, didn’t appreciate the nickname, but his gimmick, gadgets, and popular culture made it inevitable. He knew when he first started his career as a criminal to expect his fair share of derivative nicknames. Besides, Wyatt wasn’t too bad a fellow, Manny figured. His next door neighbor had taken it upon himself to make sure Manny didn’t get into too much trouble. Continue reading “Liberation” by Psycho Gecko

From “Stone Burners” by Syphax

Olivia hunched over on the couch in Ben’s apartment, threadbare blanket wrapped around her shoulders and wings. The tube TV across from her filled the dim room with flickering light and white noise. Outside, sirens cut through the night air, more than she’d ever heard in the last week since waking up for the first time. She tensed up every time it sounded like they were approaching, though they always turned away or stopped short. Continue reading From “Stone Burners” by Syphax

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