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Gathering: Part 2

Some of you might have noticed that I changed the last installment’s title and made it the beginning of a new section of the story. I’ve even gotten a little way into writing a cast page. I haven’t made it public yet, however.

There are more characters than I’d have thought and I’m introducing a few more in the course of the next couple posts.

So, anyway… Another chunk of story. Continue reading Gathering: Part 2

Lightning Strikes Twice: Part 3

Lightning Strikes Twice: Part 3? There’s a title for you. At this point it should be Lightning Strikes Thrice…

Anyway, the funny part about having a Tuesday/Thursday update schedule is that you have many more days to write the Tuesday update than the Thursday update. To my relief, this update came pretty easily.

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The Legion of Nothing–Chapter Seven: Run Away

Eric Burns manages to include some entertaining stuff at the beginning of his updates. Alexandra Erin generally has a humorously misleading subtitle. What do I have? Nothing but a paragraph long ramble.

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