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War: Part 5

Lee leaned his arm on the monitor, pushing the keyboard backward to create more room to sit on the table.

“When I try to work out how to handle situations like this, I ask myself who’s got common interests? More often than not, I’m not the only one asking the question. For example, the League’s got common interests with Hardwick’s group and Justice Fist. They’re both probably running given what’s happened lately, but you might be able to pull in a few. Continue reading War: Part 5

War: Part 2

“So after years of silence, the New Heroes League appeared out of nowhere. How did that happen?”

“I came in late,” Rachel said. “You’ll have to ask the Rocket.”

Erika turned her attention to me. “So?”

“A few of us got to talking,” I began.


“We’re all connected to the original League one way or another. We got together a few times, and we decided we wanted to bring it back instead of letting it end.” Continue reading War: Part 2

War: Part 1

Instead of doing something with Haley on Friday night, I found myself flying through the air with Rachel toward the Rocket’s first ever intentional TV interview — or if not the Rocket’s first, my first as the Rocket.

Rachel let go of my shoulder as I pointed myself upright, stopping the rockets for a moment, but then making the rocketpack start a new burn, slowing my descent.

Below me I could see the parking lot where I’d fought Man-machine — until his heart attack, anyway.

It looked a lot like it had that night, half full of cars, and darkness. Continue reading War: Part 1