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Motor City Intern: Part 40

As I ran, I glanced over at the train station. A bus was parked under the pavilion and a small crowd stood near it, all of them looking in my direction.

I pointed back at the two shattered sets of powered armor and the vampire on the ground. “She’s a vampire. Whatever you do, don’t pull out the stake!”

If they replied, I didn’t hear them. I didn’t know that she’d revive if they pulled out the stake, but better safe than sorry. The sheer variety of vampires in this mess argued that caution was a good trait. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 40

Motor City Intern: Part 39

Ignoring the scream, I checked the vampire I’d staked. She’d slumped and stopped moving. For lack of any reason to think otherwise, I decided to assume she was down and turned to face her partner.

That turned out to either be a bad move or one that saved my life.

As I turned, I saw the other mech’s right arm move and even though I knew I’d damaged that arm, I used the implant to fire off the directional rockets and send me sideways into the air, giving me a second or two of movement to the left before sending me to the right. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 39

Motor City Intern: Part 38

Using my implant, I opened up a comm connection to Mateo and Vincent, “You guys aren’t anywhere near the tower yet, right?”

Vincent laughed, “We’re at the fourteenth floor at most.”

“We’re almost at the seventh,” Mateo said, taking a long breath. “Look next to the door up there.”

Vincent muttered, “Crap. How many floors does this place have?”

“Thirty-eight,” I said, “according to Wikipedia.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 38

Motor City Intern: Part 37

“How are you doing?” Mateo’s voice sounded in my head. “We’re a few floors in. We haven’t run into anyone, but there are definitely vampires.”

“Busy,” I said. “Two people in powered armor so far. Might be more.”

“Got it,” Mateo said. “Don’t be afraid to retreat or call for more help. We’ll keep you informed of what we’re doing. Do the same.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 37

Motor City Intern: Part 36

It didn’t take long before we reached the front of the People Mover station and elevated railway in front of the skyscraper. Well lit, with a pavilion of steel beams and a white roof, the station looked like the perfect place to get off a bus and wait for a train.

There were a few people standing under it, most of them staring at their phones—which was good because it meant their phones still worked. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 36

Motor City Intern: Part 35

“Yeah. The top floors seem too weird to waste. Did you know that this place was supposed to be redeveloped, but then something happened and the company that bought it sold it to someone else.”

We pulled off to the side of the road to look up at it, ignoring the concrete People Mover station and platform that crossed over the street. I didn’t see any trains coming, but if that meant that no one would be coming by during the fight, it would be a good thing.

Vincent leaned to my right, staring up at the tower. “I don’t think I ever looked at the Book Tower’s top floors before this. They look like they were made for vampires.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 35

Motor City Intern: Part 34

Mateo nodded, “At least he escaped. That’s what I was hoping.”

The hooded figure said, “As long as he didn’t get caught inside the Book Tower, I’d say he escaped but he did disappear. I think he’s been moving from roof to roof, but I can’t be sure. There are fewer rats up there.”

I said the first thing that came into my head, “Have you tried bats?” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 34

Motor City Intern: Part 33

As we rode through the tunnel toward the shed and our hidden exit, I found Vincent’s comm id and set up a channel for the three of us to talk, finally asking, “Where did you last see Working Man?”

I felt him move behind me, “One of the parking lots in Foxtown. The one on Cass near Bookie’s Bar and Grille.”

Hoping that Mateo was listening in, I said, “Do you know where that is? I don’t.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 33

Motor City Intern: Part 32

“Okay,” I said. “The only problem is that we don’t know where they are. Except that it’s going to be in downtown Detroit or near it. Also, given that this is Syndicate L, it’s going to have bottled water available.”

Tilting his head, Vincent blinked. “Bottled water?”

I nodded, “You’ve never fought them before?”

Vincent’s brow furrowed and his tail twitched, “Once or twice. My brothers and I spend more of our time fighting a gang called the Thumb.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 32

Motor City Intern: Part 31

It wasn’t the classic roar of your average motorcycle, but a quiet, electric hum and nothing that anyone would notice in a fight. I got access to the gun I’d adjusted before going to bed last night and turned on the targeting mechanism, adjusting the motorcycle’s position by a small turn of the handles and putting the vampire in almost the right position for a shot.

I got the vampire the rest of the way by leaning into him. I’d been trying to pull away, so it was less like changing direction than letting him “win” and adding a little momentum. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 31