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Gathering: Part 4

It was finished last night around 1 am, but I thought I’d wait until this morning to post it. I didn’t particularly trust my judgment at that point.

This morning came and I had a business meeting, issues related to three or four different clients, research to do on a programming problem, and before I knew it it was 8 pm… And I still hadn’t eaten supper.

There you have it, that’s how updates get posted almost 24 hours after they get finished. 

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Gathering: Part 2

Some of you might have noticed that I changed the last installment’s title and made it the beginning of a new section of the story. I’ve even gotten a little way into writing a cast page. I haven’t made it public yet, however.

There are more characters than I’d have thought and I’m introducing a few more in the course of the next couple posts.

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Lightning Strikes Twice: Part 11

So here’s something odd that happened today. Someone sent me an email addressed to Nick. Not the Nick in the story, but some Nick who has the same last name I do and appears to go to college somewhere in California.

I have no idea what’s up with that.

To me, it seems obvious that this is a web serial and not a personal blog. I can’t imagine that anyone who read very far could confuse this for reality–especially not someone with a doctorate.

The email appears to be a note from one of his profs.


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Lightning Strikes Twice: Part 1

As mentioned in my last post, I’m going to try to update twice rather than once weekly starting this month. It’ll happen on Tuesday and Thursday. If it turns out that I can make it regularly, I may try for three.

That being said, initially at least, it won’t be much different in terms of actual word count for the week.

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The Legion of Nothing–Chapter Seven: Run Away

Eric Burns manages to include some entertaining stuff at the beginning of his updates. Alexandra Erin generally has a humorously misleading subtitle. What do I have? Nothing but a paragraph long ramble.

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The Legion of Nothing–Chapter One: Villains and Vigilantes

Cassie held out the latest issue of “Double V,” flipping the front half of the magazine under the back to make it easier to hold. She pointed to an article titled “Twelve Threats: New and Notable.”

Halfway down the list of new supervillains was a picture of a group of men and women with automatic rifles. Below the text it said:

Syndicate L: A growing criminal organization originating in the northeast but with connections throughout the country, it specializes in acquiring materials-both legal and illegal. Staffed primarily by normal, unmodified humans, it employs a few supers as hired muscle.

“We could take them,” she said. “Not the whole group, but definitely a local branch.”

I stood by my locker, flipping my eyes between the magazine and her face.

This was the part where (in her mind) I should now be saying, “Great, let’s go out tonight and take on organized crime.”
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