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Motor City Intern: Part 24

Laughing, Mateo said, “If I’ve learned anything in this job, it’s to count on the fictional ideas that screw you over turning out to be true. Besides, the mask thinks it’s true.”

I stared at the blue mask on Mateo’s face, “Does it talk to you?”

Mateo shook his head but didn’t say anything more—probably because of the Syndicate L people in the room. What were we going to do with them?

Nodding, I said, “Got it. What are we going to do with these people?” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 24

Motor City Intern: Part 23

He looked down toward the vampire’s ashen body on the concrete floor, “It’s always been more like what you saw with the first vampire. But I’ve never been in a room with holy water mist either.”

Then he pointed toward my squirt gun, “What did you think?”

I pulled it out and looked it over, “It was okay. I guess I’d been hoping it would have more stopping power. Maybe the thing would dissolve or something? I don’t know.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 23

Motor City Intern: Part 22

The vampire’s scream started as a hiss, but grew into more as its hand burned, charring the flesh. It covered the burning hand with its arm, smothering the fire between its arm and chest.

That would have worked with real fire, and it seemed to work here, but white flame flashed outward from the hand. The creature made a grunt that ended in a squeal. Moving its arm, it pulled out the blackened hand and bits of ash drifted toward the ground. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 22

Motor City Intern: Part 21

More than one bullet hit my suit, failing to get through the layers of protection provided by a combination of alien materials with design elements created by both myself and my grandfather. The costume might look like a motorcycle racing suit, but it was a Rocket stealth suit with more protection and a few new ideas.

The bullets didn’t bounce off. The outer layer absorbed force, causing the bullets to sink in, but then fall to the ground. The few that did bounce off had less force than before, landing at worst a few feet away and lying there. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 21

Motor City Intern: Part 20

“A giant vampire?” Mateo had opened the security camera app on the lab’s computer. “It looks like one of the Nosferatu out of Vampire: The Masquerade.”

I eyed him, “Do you play that?”

“When I was a teenager, there was a local LARP group that ran events near—”

I grinned, “No way. I wouldn’t have pegged you as a—” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 20

Motor City Intern: Part 19

“Right,” I thought back through what we’d been told. “So is everyone in Detroit’s Syndicate L a vampire now or just a few people at the top or something?”

“Don’t know,” Working Man said. “It’s definitely not everyone, but there are a lot. If I had to guess, it’s at least half of them—which is worse. The vampires can’t come in unless invited, but the regular humans just break down the door.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 19

Motor City Intern: Part 18

I sent the picture over to Mateo who watched it on the screen in his helmet.

Mateo deliberately looked away from the vampire. “That makes three different types of vampires. We’ve got proof there are more out there now, but I’d still like to take a trip around the block and see if I can get any hints about where they’re holed up.”

Still watching the head as it floated down the street, I asked, “What about the head?” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 18

Motor City Intern Part 17

I laughed, “Right.”

Then I pointed at his costume, “How in the world are you still clean?”

He shrugged, “Magic? The costume, sword, and mask all appear out of nowhere when I want them. They might as well be impossible to get dirty too.”

I couldn’t argue with that. Unsure if I could trust the universe to give us a break, I took a 360 degree look around myself. Nothing appeared to be moving around us or even in the air. If flying taught me anything, it taught me to think about the world in three dimensions. Continue reading Motor City Intern Part 17

Motor City Intern: Part 16

On my right, Mateo pulled out his sword while I considered my options. When Working Man told me I couldn’t be the Rocket on this team, I’d put most of my work into my motorcycle and only a little into my costume.

On a practical level, that didn’t leave me with much beyond strength to work with. I’d worked up a paralysis gun, but I doubted that vampiric watermelons would have a similar enough nervous system and brain to be affected by it. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 16

Motor City Intern: Part 15

Mateo looked over at me, “Let’s walk through the neighborhood around here and see if I get any hints of where they went.”

He waved toward the church parking lot. It ran down the side of the church and around the back, taking up the middle of this block. If the vampires had gone anywhere close, we’d be able to see the backyard of every house or business on the block. That might be enough to pick up a sign.

He gave Officer White a smile, “We’re going to take a walk. We’ll be back before you know it, but if you need us, just follow the parking lot and look around the edges.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 15