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The League

I got an email today from a musician named Jeff Ugly Shoes who’s been listening to the story via the podcast. He actually wrote a piece inspired by the story, and called it “The League.”

The League

He described it as surf music. If you want to find out more about him┬ásearch for “Jeff Uglyshoes” or “The Cemetery Surfers.”

And Jeff, thanks.

Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Just letting people know that for the foreseeable future, Legion of Nothing will be appearing on Monday and Thursday as usual, and will be written by myself. Not that that’s news, but I thought it might be worth saying.

Specifically what’s coming next is a story with the whole League that answers a few questions.
1. What’s Justice Fist doing now?
2. What do teenage superheroes do during summer break?
3. Do any members of the original League’s Rogue’s Gallery have grandchildren?

The Omnisphere: Part 6


Nick did the only thing he could think of–he flew.

Whoever this guy was, it was clear that he had been issuing orders to Legion from afar–possibly another dimension. Those orders had included keeping the rest of the League alive–which made Nick the primary target.

As soon as Nick turned and took off, War flew off after him. The gunfire tore through the floor where Nick had once been, gouging out silver dollar sized holes; Nick aimed for the window and flew out into the cold night.

Behind him, the wall exploded as War tore through it and pursued. Continue reading The Omnisphere: Part 6

The Omnisphere: Part 5


Vaughn traded strokes of lightning with Shock Jock, with the former rising higher and higher into the air. Shock Jock grinned, moving forward.

“I was hoping to see you again before we left,” he said. “I wanted to ask you a question.”

“Me too,” Vaughn replied. “Are you color-blind?”

Shock Jock extended his arms outward. Several generators shuddered and groaned, tearing their way off the ground and floating toward him. Tongues of electricity wove their way across the surface of the generators, licking any nearby metal surface in bright, violent strokes.

“Have you told your ‘friends’ yet?” Shock Jock asked. Continue reading The Omnisphere: Part 5

The Omnisphere: Part 4


By the time Nick had managed to rewire the elevator to work, it was clear that the attackers had left.

His first priority–making sure that everyone was safe–was immediately satisfied when he charged into the lobby, sonics armed and ready to fire.

Haley raised her hands. “Everyone’s okay,” she said. “Daniel and the others are in the lab, cleaning up the pieces.”

“What happened?” Nick said. Continue reading The Omnisphere: Part 4

The Omnisphere: Part 3


“Good evening, Mr. Sumerset,” the orderly said, his voice coated with a sugary-sweet enamel.

“Fuck off and die in a greasefire,” the old man replied.

“Now, now,” the orderly said, “is that any way to behave?” He took hold of Daniel Sumerset’s wheelchair and nudged the old man down the hallway. “You really should behave yourself, Mr. Sumerset. It’s only polite, what with all I do for you.”

“You eat my candy-bars and steal my meds to sell to your punk friends,” the old man said. “Be grateful I don’t sneak into the cafeteria and take a piss in your cereal bowl every morning.” Continue reading The Omnisphere: Part 3

The Omnisphere: Part 2


“What the hell happened here?” Vaughn whispered.

“My best guess? Teleportation gone wrong,” Nick replied.

A sphere shaped chunk of reality–approximately 10 feet in diameter–had been carved out of the floor, wall, and several exhibits, then summarily replaced with another sphere shaped chunk of reality from elsewhere. Within that space, a carpeted floor had collapsed into the crater created by the effect. Half of a bed had tipped over near the edge; the part where it had been ‘cut off’ smoldered.

Within this space, there were two girls. Continue reading The Omnisphere: Part 2