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Motor City Intern: Part 10

With that, the meeting was over—mostly anyway. It’s not as we jumped up from our seats and ran to our bikes. As Mateo stood up, he asked, “Is our highest priority finding them for now? I’m asking because there’s going to be a wait before Athletica, you, or V8 can get here if we press the panic button.

“You know as well as I do that sometimes the situation will move too quickly for us to locate them and bring in help. We’ll have to save someone immediately or they’re done for. Do you want me to call Unity in if we need backup?” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 10

Motor City Intern: Part 9

Mateo half sat on the table behind him. “Do you have a plan for using a holy igloo?”

I shook my head. “That was more of an illustration. A better use of that much holy water might be trapping a vampire in a house covered with holy ice. In the winter, it might hold them for a while. Mixing holy water into concrete might be an even better idea.”

Mateo opened his mouth without saying anything, half-closed it, and said, “That’s not a bad idea if we had enough holy water. You’ll want to hang on to your creativity, though, because we have a new development in the vampire case. Working Man and Athletica are in the conference room to talk about it.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 9

Motor City Intern: Part 7

Then we walked up the stairs, finding the spot where the woman died not by the cars, but just past the door that led into the stairwell from the fourth floor.  I didn’t see anything, but Mateo looked over the little room from floor to ceiling.

In the end he turned to me, “She saw the vampire, or whatever it was, and tried to run, but it stopped her before she got out the door. That’s where the feeding starts. It looks like she never stopped struggling. There are marks from blood magic all the way down the wall next to the door and around the corner. The last marks are at the top of the stairwell. Bits of power are scattered around the spot as if she was still fighting it even then. I can’t know for sure what kind of vampire it was, but what I’m seeing is that it was human-shaped and strong—or at least stronger than she was.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 7

Motor City Intern: Part 6

Amy paused before responding, but then said, “If he’s fine with it? What if he’s not and you still need help?”

Memories of The Thing That Eats converting people I knew into alternate bodies for itself flashed through my head. “Let’s just say there’s a point where I’m going to ignore him and call in anyone I can get, but before that, I’m going to try to pull in any local heroes I can get. I mean, Skunk Lord’s around here somewhere.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 6

Motor City Intern: Part 5

I thought about that. “Don’t the police have their own researchers? I mean, you said they’ve faced a lot of undead around here. You’d think they’d hire someone or, I don’t know, go to the library?”

Mateo laughed, “I think they’ve done all of that, but the supernatural community doesn’t let much information out. They’ve got a whole school for wizards that doesn’t even talk to us and none of our magical types are allowed to go there.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 5

Motor City Intern: Part 4

As we left, the men from the ambulance started removing the dead man from his chair and put him on the stretcher. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. His body seemed to be stuck to the cushions—which was the point that I stopped watching and moved a little faster as I followed Mateo out the door.

As we got on our bikes, he said, “I’m going to stop about a block from here.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 4

Motor City Intern: Part 3

I’d been at gruesome death scenes before. One of the worst had been the product of a man who’d burned the victims halfway to ash. That one had left me with mixed associations with the smell of smoked pork.

The bright side of this one was that it wouldn’t leave me with mixed associations with pleasant smells. It smelled like rotting meat combined with any biological substance that might leak out of a human body before the body stiffened.

I didn’t throw up, but it was a near thing. My stomach rolled and I did my best to keep everything inside where it belonged. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 3

Motor City Intern: Part 2

Mateo pulled on his helmet, letting his hat fall down his back, held on by a blue leather string. He grinned at me. “You always have a choice.”

I put my leg over my motorcycle’s seat and grabbed my own helmet, feeling the electric hum of the engine. “True, but some choices aren’t the kind you can say no to if you want to live with yourself later.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 2

Motor City Intern: Part 1

It was the last two weeks of my internship and not the internship for my engineering degree. That one had ended barely two months in after an investigation and battle that left most of the company’s leadership in prison.

Grand Lake University’s engineering department with help from the FBI had put me into a quiet internship where I learned how to design auto parts for the rest of the year. It wasn’t the most interesting internship, but on the other hand, no one had attempted to kill me, making it much less stressful than my first internship.

This was my post-college internship through the Stapledon program which meant I was interning with another superhero group. Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 1

Demo: Part 21

I had a bad feeling the creature wouldn’t be on my side, and the fact that it was outside the wards made me suspect it was magic.

I desperately needed to tell people that it was there as soon as the fight was over.

Well, assuming it was real, and not the result of staring at a HUD filled with shades of grey (but not the sexy kind). I zoomed in, and saw nothing in that space.

I checked on Stephanie, finding her still covered with goo. She’d pulled out a knife, and was trying to cut the strands connecting her to the ground. Continue reading Demo: Part 21