Targets: Part 18

There weren’t any windows in the room, so when the lights went out, it didn’t just become a little darker in the room, it became completely black.

Well, completely black except for the line of light at the bottom of the door.

“Don’t move,” Ray said, and something clicked, followed by a frustrated sigh.

Then, I heard a rustling noise. I guessed it might be Ray or Allen’s gun being pulled from its holster. Continue reading Targets: Part 18

Targets: Part 17

Allen opened the door, and said, “Kerri, please come in.”

If you follow comics, you’ll get the impression that all women with superpowers are long-legged, wasp-waisted, supermodel types with massive–

Never mind.

None of the girls on our team (or any of the grown-up women I’d met)¬†looked like that, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that their telepath didn’t either. Continue reading Targets: Part 17

Targets: Part 16

The Syndicate L representative walked through the door only moments later.

If Ray had worn his khakis and button down shirt as some kind of office camouflage, the Syndicate L rep went one step further.

Middle aged with a tinge of gray in his brown hair, the guy wore a light brown suit coat over a black shirt. I thought I saw a bulge under his left arm, but couldn’t be sure.

It had to be a gun though. Continue reading Targets: Part 16

Targets: Part 14

Minutes later, Haley drove Night Wolf’s car to the far end of the hangar and into the tunnel. Rachel rode in the front with her, and I sat in the back.

We came out in the forest. The “rock” closed behind us, and we followed the access trail out of Veterans Memorial Park.

Once we got to the road, Haley accelerated, moving ten to fifteen miles per hour faster than the speed limit at every opportunity.
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Targets: Part 11

“I’ll pass that on,” Daniel said, his voice flat.

“Then that covers it. Get the Rocket over–” He stopped. “What?”

A woman’s voice said something unintelligible.

“I’d never have thought they had it in them.” Ray’s voice sounded distant, as if he wasn’t talking into the receiver.

“Congratulations. You’ve put the fear of God into my allies, but it won’t change anything. Be at Fulton and Sykes.You’ve got less than an hour now.”
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Targets: Part 10

“I’m going to take it and let everyone listen,” Daniel continued.

He clicked a few buttons on his keyboard, and the view from his monitor appeared on the big screen, covering most of the wall.

The switchboard program showed a list of callers (ten reporters in the last five minutes) and voicemails, followed by information about the current caller. This amounted to:

Caller: Unknown
FBI Notified. Tracing…

Daniel answered, “This is the Mystic.”
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