In moments like that, you can play it cool, or drop all pretenses, and say exactly what you’re thinking. Professional spies could likely have managed the former without effort. I stopped, staring at the artificial wombs. Dr Griffin couldn’t have noticed the staring through the Rocket suit’s helmet, but she noticed that I stopped. “I […]

Reminding myself that the Stapledon Program’s secrecy wasn’t really my problem, I decided to concentrate on what was my problem—Blue Sky Lab’s current projects. Isaac Lim had asked me to find out what they were, and intentionally or not, Dr. Griffin hadn’t answered my question about that. I hadn’t asked as directly as I might. […]

Through my observation bots, I watched Bloodmaiden take to the air. I knew she could fly, but from her motion, it looked more like she’d jumped. One leg bent in a step, and the other straight, her pose reminded me of early Superman comics, and how Jaclyn jumped. If she used her ability to fly […]

Fortunately for Dr. Griffin, most of the spray went to the soldier’s side, splattering everyone to his right. Predictably, all the soldiers pointed their weapons at us, and began to fire back. Laser and plasma blasts shattered branches, started small fires, and with a thunderous crack destroyed the trunk of a tree. It fell over.

I didn’t need the observation bots to hear a familiar voice broadcast across the building’s clearing and into the woods. “Humans, evacuate the building and put down your arms. Listen to us, and we may leave you and your young ones alive. It’s more than you’ve any right to expect.” The warm, tenor voice sounded […]

Given that someone in that building was making competent use of technology created by aliens more evil than the ones trying to provoke genocide on us, it was hard to imagine any kind of good news. “What?” I asked. “The office building is owned by Blue Sky Labs, a small company owned by Dr. Valerie […]

Daniel’s dad continued, “Guardian’s giving the asteroid a quick once over, checking if the asteroid’s anything more than a big rock. We’ve got a few ideas as to how we can handle it if it’s just a dinosaur killer, but we don’t want any surprises.” I’d set the suit to monitor Stapledon communications and the […]

Text appeared below the screen that showed our position and that of the other planes. [You’re making yourself completely vulnerable. I’m not suggesting you attack, but landing and turning off your shields represents an unacceptable risk.] I shut off the comm, and quietly asked, “What would you suggest?” [If you have to appear vulnerable, lower […]

As much as I might want to assume Sean was wrong on the grounds that he was talking, I wished we could fly away. Whatever I might think, Haley’s console had the flight controls for the moment, and unless I felt I should say something, she could make the decision without me. My console only […]

Flick threw a ball into the main group of heavy bird bots as they began to run across the floor toward us. The ball punctured the bird bot’s chest, coming out the other side, and continuing through each bot behind it. I’d never known for sure what her power was, but it had something to […]