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Motor City Intern: Part 29

Mateo and I looked at each other. I said, “We’d better get down there,” while he said, “She’s not going to be able to take them alone.”

At least we tried to, starting, getting few words out, and then deciding by mutual, unstated agreement that we were on the same page. We ran for the elevator we’d only just exited.

As we reached the elevator, Mateo turned to shout at the room, “From what we see, the people that just came back are under the vampires’ control. Don’t let them up here. Don’t let anyone open the doors to the outside, and above all else, if you see a vampire or something that could be a vampire, don’t invite them in here, okay?” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 29

Motor City Intern: Part 27

Mateo looked at me and then out toward Unity’s HQ, “I’m sure there’s a way. Do you think you could fly in? Imagine if you snuck in as close as you could and then flew the rest of the way.”

I nodded, “Assuming they didn’t try to shoot me out of the air and that Unity’s base doesn’t aim their air defenses at me, sure.”

Grinning, Mateo said, “But it’s one more option than sneaking it or racing up to the front door, right? I think we can make a few more options if we talk to people.” Continue reading Motor City Intern: Part 27