10 thoughts on “9781926959269-Perfect”

  1. Takes me back to when I found out that superheroes in literature were actually a thing.

    Soon, I Will Be Invincible!

    *grabs the special gun he ordered from Gru and Dr. Nefario and starts converting it to fire powdered Tabasco*

    Got this idea from when I was sick last week and went to bed too soon after eating. That cough-induced vomitting will get you.

    1. PG: I enjoyed “Soon I Will Be Invincible.” I saw it a little bit after I started writing this. I was surprised to discover that people did publish superhero prose fiction after all.

  2. Voted. Fyi, if you have a phone, you get to vote twice. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MUWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA <– The Evil Twin, doubly evil laugh

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