The Legion of Nothing–Chapter One: Villains and Vigilantes

Cassie held out the latest issue of “Double V,” flipping the front half of the magazine under the back to make it easier to hold. She pointed to an article titled “Twelve Threats: New and Notable.”

Halfway down the list of new supervillains was a picture of a group of men and women with automatic rifles. Below the text it said:

Syndicate L: A growing criminal organization originating in the northeast but with connections throughout the country, it specializes in acquiring materials-both legal and illegal. Staffed primarily by normal, unmodified humans, it employs a few supers as hired muscle.

“We could take them,” she said. “Not the whole group, but definitely a local branch.”

I stood by my locker, flipping my eyes between the magazine and her face.

This was the part where (in her mind) I should now be saying, “Great, let’s go out tonight and take on organized crime.”
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The Legion of Nothing

Nick Klein never intended to be a superhero.

With the death of his grandfather, an active superhero from World War 2 through the early 1980’s, everything changed. Nick inherited his grandfather’s powered armor, his former team’s command center, and found that his friends (the grandchildren of other team members) were very interested in starting up the Grand Lake Heroes League all over again.

Nick had to make a choice. Go along with everyone else or avoid it? If he did go along with it, and restart the League, would any of the old League’s unfinished business come back to haunt them?

The Legion of Nothing: A Series of Online Superhero Novels (Updates Monday and Thursday)