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Chance & Fate: Part 1

I stared at the screen. “You’re kidding.”

[They’ve been ordering the appropriate materials for the last three months.]

I typed, “How do you even know this?”

[Your grandfather assigned me the task of tracking materials that might indicate the presence of Abominators or other aliens’ technology on Earth.]

I thought about the implications of that for a second. Certainly aliens were the obvious possibility. Grandpa’s technology was generally twenty years or more ahead of current tech. It didn’t seem like a big stretch to think mine might be too. Aliens were a real possibility.

I thought about it a little more. I couldn’t just consider aliens. Another armor designer might be behind it. Syndicate L, one of the few big criminal organizations not dominated by supervillains, had a guy, and whoever he was, he was pretty good.

I’d been attacked by enough of his work to appreciate its effectiveness. This might be his headquarters.

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