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Targets: Part 5

When the message ended, I clicked back to the communicator’s main menu to find that Daniel and Haley’s calls had made it to the League communicator too, and that they’d left messages.

Deciding that I’d have to look into why there would be a lag between the League phones and League communicators, I was about to listen to Daniel’s message when the communicator started to ping again.

It identified the caller as Lucas Hardwick.
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Targets: Part 3

“OK,” Chris said. “Let’s see what he’s got in the inventory. I don’t even know half of what’s here.”

He opened up another program, some kind of parts database, and we scrolled down the list. It felt weird at how ordinary it was. Like a whole lot of businesses out there, Man-machine’s database program appeared to be based on Microsoft Access.

Along with more typical parts categories like cables, and chassis, it included the category “weapons” with subcategories like “standard,” “lasers,” and “special.”

I didn’t recognize half the guns. The lasers included a few interesting things, but the “special” category was crazy. Continue reading Targets: Part 3

Targets: Part 1

“And there’s one more thing…”

Daniel paused, resting his left arm on my desk.

He took a breath.

“When I was listening in on his thoughts, I happened to hear him refer to you as the ‘main target.’ And you know how I can sense the major association someone has with a word? He associates ‘main target’ with money.”

“He’s here to kill me, and someone’s paying him?”

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