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Rivalry: Part 4

It was the first time I could think of that Jaclyn got involved in a case. She’d always had a kind of “take it or leave it” approach to the Heroes League since we’d reformed. For this, she took the same approach she took toward homework — focus.

Within half an hour, we knew who the Maniacs were, and what they’d been doing for the last fifteen years. With a of couple exceptions, they’d been in jail. Jack Maniac and Christine Maniac apparently still robbed banks together. Jason and Chucky Maniac were in jail. Freddy had died.
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Rivalry: Part 3

I ran the ball up and down the room a couple times before I felt comfortable with the controls. We’d had to charge the batteries. Even though they charged relatively quickly, they only made it halfway before we gave up on waiting.

Chris clicked a button, opening a tunnel that led to the surface. Just like the Heroes League’s tunnels, it had concrete walls. Chris ran out first, the machines that powered his legs giving him a massive stride. The clipped sound of his footfalls echoed in the tunnel.

I followed, listening to the hum of the ball’s engine, rolling straight up the tunnel after him.
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Rivalry: Part 2

We worked better together than separately.

We’d noticed this before. During my sophomore and junior year, we’d collaborated on projects for Science Olympiad. Design came most naturally to me. The details of working came most naturally to him. We could both do both, but if we got stuck on how to fit a bunch of wires through a small space he came up with the solution more quickly than I did. By contrast, I typically came up with simpler, more elegant designs.
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Rivalry: Part 1

Hitting the Chinese buffet at eleven at night went better than any other part of the evening. I think we both felt a little weird going there in the same clothes we wore to the prom, but we didn’t have anything to change into but our costumes.

So yeah, we were overdressed.

On the whole though, it went better than any other part of the night — no burnt food, no bloodthirsty maniacs, just the two of us.
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Uncontrolled Substances: Part 6

Talk turned back to who people were going to the prom with. Vaughn and Cassie were both going, but not with each other. Kayla either wasn’t going or didn’t have a date. Either way, she didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t hear what the rest of the guys were doing, but maybe they didn’t say.

When Keith heard I was going with Haley, he said, “You should go to a restaurant with Courtney and I before prom.”
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Uncontrolled Substances: Part 5

As crazy as it sounds, part of the reason people might not have been paying quite as much attention to Sean was that there were other things to think about. For example, prom was that Friday. The administration had been talking about canceling it after everything that happened with Keith’s accident, the massive number of reporters, and the abduction of Keith’s uncle, but somehow they didn’t.

What this meant on a practical level was that I still had to go. Not that that was all bad, but I was going to not one, but two proms.
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Chemistry: Part 2

How do you respond to that? Saying, “How cool. Would you mind showing me your grandfather’s lair?” seemed a little off somehow. The question I really wanted to know the answer to, “So are you planning to build a new set of armor and hunt down the Rocket in revenge?” didn’t seem quite like the right thing to say either.

Keith and Courtney didn’t share my hesitation.

“So they’re just giving you his stuff?” Keith talked loudly enough that people at the tables around us looked in his direction.
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Chemistry: Part 1

A lot of people care about superheroes. They’re cultural icons. Like fashion, movies or television, heroes bring back memories of the times they caught the public imagination. For most people, the Allies’ and Axis’ super soldier units will be forever associated with World War 2, the Grand Lake Heroes League with the 1950’s and 1960’s, Wonder Eye with the 1970’s, and grim anti-heroes (like Vengeance) with the late 80’s and beyond.

Some people go beyond caring and into obsession — we’re talking much more than following their favorite hero’s exploits in the paper and buying merchandise. I’m thinking about Keith and his girlfriend Courtney who were the biggest fans of Guardian I’d ever met.
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Bullies and Counselors: Part 4

By the time Haley, Jaclyn, and I got changed and went downstairs, Vaughn had calmed down, but we didn’t get to talk to him much. We said goodbye in the parking lot and watched him drive off in his mother’s Audi.

Then I drove Jaclyn and Haley home, Haley next to me in the front and Jaclyn in the back.
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