While You’re Waiting…

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed them in the sidebar under superhero fiction, but take a look at:

The Last Skull: The author just finished a major chunk of the story.

Zephyr: New website with much better usability than the old one.

Flyover City: A one shot novel about a guy who’s a superhero fan in a world with lots of heroes.

7 thoughts on “While You’re Waiting…”

  1. Wow, yeah, I totally just gave myself a kick in the pants about the Samaritan Project — I want it to be good enough to be on that list.

    Ouch, man, I totally kicked myself.

    (Hey Jim, any advice on how I can make it better?)

  2. Jim, I just wanted to say this; with all this talk about Hocking and Konrath and all the other indie writers making big bucks; YOU are still a star to us LON fans.

    And I think I speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait for you to get your turn in the spotlight.

  3. Gavin: First of all, write it. I like where you’ve been going with it, but you haven’t been writing it much. To be honest, it may be that Diggory Franklin is all you’ve got time for at the moment. Maybe you could write a novella’s worth of Samaritan Project after Diggory ends?

    I don’t know where I keep seeing this (I think it’s someone signature on a BBS), but there’s a quote about inspiration happening when you’re writing and not when you aren’t. Once you start writing it again (and doing it regularly), I bet you’ll know better than I where it should go.

    Bill: Thanks. I’ve got no idea when or if that’ll happen. On the bright side, the blog keeps on growing, and when I get the ebook version of Legion of Nothing finished, that might help.

    Hg: I liked Flyover City quite a bit. Enough actually, that I’ve upped my Web Fiction Guide rating of it considerably between first reading it and its ending.

  4. I happen to like the stories over at:


    They aren’t quite linear tales as you get some “choose-your-own-viewpoint” interactivity, and they do have some “retro-future” art as well, but they are fun…

    The toaster with two brains:


    The lair of the clockwork book:

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