Coming Attractions…

Some of you are probably wondering what happened with the poll.

I thought I’d answer your question. So, just for the record, there were 279 votes. People could vote for more than one person, and so that’s less than 279 people participating, but that’s the way it was supposed to work, so cool.

You can go back to the poll (by choosing previous on the bottom of the front page) and find out what happened yourself, but I’ll save you the bother for at least the top five.

They are:
1. Haley (53)
2. Rachel (40)
3. Chris (36)
4. Cassie (29)
5. Jaclyn (24)

The cool thing about that is that Haley was high on my personal list anyway. She’ll be in the next story.

I’ve been planning a story that uses both Rachel and Jaclyn, largely because they both go to the University of Michigan (or, in Jaclyn’s case, will in the fall). I’m not sure exactly when that will appear.

Cassie and Chris are both important in the next major arc, so even though I won’t get to them instantly, you’ll be seeing a fair amount of them in the not too distant future.

Finally, we’ll also be seeing a novella sized arc about the characters’ summer vacation (it’s more exciting than that sounds). Among other things, we’ll get to find out what some of the characters in Justice Fist have been doing.

The probable order of all this:
1. Haley
2. Summer Break arc
3. Jaclyn and Rachel at U of M.
4. Return to major, book length arcs, specifically Nick’s first year in college, the Stapledon program, etc…

As you may have noticed with each of the short story-ish episodes lately, each one expands people’s understanding of the setting, moves the main plot of the major Legion of Nothing arc forward, or both.

3 thoughts on “Coming Attractions…”

  1. Yay Haley! I cast my vote for her šŸ™‚
    Thanks again for all the creative effort you put into this.

  2. Cassie and Chris, eh? Hmm, didn’t really see that one coming. Then again I wouldn’t.
    Sigh. Another nail in the Nick/Chris ship’s coffin…
    (And yes I’m quite aware I’m reading way too much into the mention of C&C both being important in the story arc.)

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