And Now for Something Completely Different…

Well, not really, but a little different.

What’s coming next is the first complete Legion of Nothing story written by someone other than me. It’s written by Robert Rodgers alias “The Great Hippo” who some of you may recognize from his own web fiction, one of which is called “The Last Skull.”

Those of you who have read The Last Skull will recognize a few characters in the story. Those of you who haven’t will be introduced to them.

Odd thing about how this story came to be. When we did an April Fools Day writer’s swap, the person who was going to write the story had a hard time with it, and due to miscommunication, no one told me.

Thus, both Gavin volunteered to write something (and he did), and so did Robert–except Robert’s grew into something much bigger.

We’re talking 17,000 words here.

That’s roughly two months of material for me. So here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to serialize it three days a week in a little less than 3000 word chunks. That’ll give me two weeks in which I can work on the ebook version of Book One, and get myself started on the next Legion storyline (Nick narrates what happens during the rest of their summer break which is not especially restful).

I think everyone will enjoy it. Robert did a great job of recognizing what makes the characters work.

The first segment goes up later today.

5 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Different…”

  1. So is this thing going to be canon?
    If not, doesn’t that basically mean it’s fanfic? Ooh maybe it’s Nick/Chris fic! Or a Daniel wingfic! Or or or… mmkay shutting up now.

  2. I am looking forward to this. I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Skull and am awaiting the next iteration of same. I discovered the link to The Last Skull, as well as Zypher, on the LoN page. Both were good recommendations.

  3. Mazzon: It’s likely to be canon. I’m hoping to persuade Robert to do a co-written sequel. The ending demands some kind of sequel (I think).

    Evil Twin: I’m glad you enjoyed them. Those are among my favorite online stories.

  4. Is the Great Hippo still writing? I’ve read what I can but it all seems to hit dead ends?

    Jim, I’m really glad you are.

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