The Omnisphere: Part 5


Vaughn traded strokes of lightning with Shock Jock, with the former rising higher and higher into the air. Shock Jock grinned, moving forward.

“I was hoping to see you again before we left,” he said. “I wanted to ask you a question.”

“Me too,” Vaughn replied. “Are you color-blind?”

Shock Jock extended his arms outward. Several generators shuddered and groaned, tearing their way off the ground and floating toward him. Tongues of electricity wove their way across the surface of the generators, licking any nearby metal surface in bright, violent strokes.

“Have you told your ‘friends’ yet?” Shock Jock asked.

“Told them what? That your costume qualifies as a national disaster? I think they noticed, dude.” Vaughn drew in wind from the open windows that lined the back-end of the room, pulling the gust around him. He eyed the floating generators warily, backing away.

“About what you really are,” Shock Jock said. “About what you really want.”

“I really want you to check yourself out in a mirror,” Vaughn said. The wind started to twist around him in a building cyclone–it devoured the contents of the room, sending dust and shattered bits of concrete spinning around him.

“Come on,” Shock Jock said. “You’re supposed to be my bizarro clone, right? Don’t tell me you didn’t give yourself your powers like I did.”

Vaughn froze in mid-air. The cyclone’s intensity wavered.

“Yeah,” Shock Jock said, “you did, didn’t you? Juiced yourself in that funky chair, just like I did. Just like gramps.”

“Shut up,” Vaughn said. The cyclone’s speed started to pick up. Bits and pieces of it clattered over the walls and roof.

Shock Jock grinned. “You know what I’m talking about. You wanted powers, so you took them. Nothing to be ashamed of. Gramps would have been proud.”

“I said shut up!” Vaughn bellowed, and then he sent the cyclone forward. It swept up through him and out of his arms, turning horizontal–aimed directly for Shock Jock’s head.

Shock Jock clapped his hands together. Both generators met in mid-air, smashing together–their bulk blocked the cyclone, sending the winds whipping harmlessly to the side. “Face it, dude,” Shock Jock said. “You’re just one bad comic book cliche away from being a supervillain. Only difference between us? I realized it sooner.”

“Besides,” he added as the generators lunged forward straight for Vaughn. “The ladies love bad guys.”


By the time they made it through the fourth wall, Commando had managed to get her arms underneath Nick’s shoulders, slam her foot into the floor, and suplex him straight into the ground.

The rocket on his back emitted a series of clacks as it added an extra half-ton of force to the hit, ramming him head-first into concrete. He felt something crumple beneath him; an instant later and he was laid out at Commando’s feet, struggling to get up.

Commando slammed one foot down into his stomach. Metal creaked. Warning signs flashed.

“You’re pretty flashy for a guy with no powers,” Commando said.

Nick lifted the sonics and fired. Commando almost crumpled, but then twisted her foot down harder. The metal creaked again.

“Fiesty, too,” she said.

“Why are you doing this?” Nick said. “If you’re at all like our Captain Commando, there must be some part of you that wants to do good–”

“Nope,” she replied. “I always wanted this. More strength. More power. Didn’t you?”

“No,” Nick said.

Commando grinned. “Who knows? Maybe there just aren’t enough people like you back home.”

“I’m sorry.”

Commando laughed. “About what? Not ‘being there’ for us? You’re making me blush, tin-man.”

“No,” Nick said. “Well, yeah, that too, I guess. But I was apologizing for the roachbots.”

“The roachbo–?” Commando looked up just as a dozen or more of the small mechanical machines dropped on top of her. They scuttled across her skin as she writhed, crying out in surprise; it gave Nick the opening he needed to key in the command into his palm.

The roachbots beeped before simultaneously overloading their ECM circuits, allowing each to produce an immense electrical pulse.

Commando’s entire body went into convulsions as she was electrocuted with enough juice to drop an elephant. When she fell, so did the roachbots–their circuitry had been thoroughly fried.


You’re still resisting, Paradigm said. His hand was extended toward Daniel’s forehead; his mind was steadily eroding Daniel’s defenses, creeping its way into the very core of his psyche.

“Have to,” Daniel said, clutching at his temples and struggling to rebuild the rapidly dwindling walls that surrounded his mind.

Why? You know how this is going to turn out, Paradigm said. I won’t lobotomize you. Just going to readjust your point of view. Make you better. ‘Fix’ you.

“Have to,” Daniel repeated, before saying: “Need more time.”

Paradigm smiled. More time? he said. For what? You’re too focused on defending yourself to do anything of use.

“Not me,” Daniel said.

Paradigm’s eyebrows pressed together. Wait, wh–

“Eat taser, fuckhead!”

Anna Spencer’s arm snapped forward to deliver the full voltage of the taser directly to the small of Paradigm’s back. The young psychic spasmed beneath the shock, his link to Daniel instantly severed.

Daniel took the opening and tore straight into Paradigm’s mind–penetrating his disrupted defenses and knocking him out.

Anna looked up to Daniel sheepishly. “Sorry,” she said. “But that guy’s–”

“Scary. I know,” Daniel replied. “I knew it’d take you a while to get the gumption to shock him, so I left an opening in my defenses for him to focus on.”

Anna stared at him. “You what?”

Daniel shook his head. “Doesn’t matter. Others are in trouble. Calling the Rocket in to help Night Cat. We’ll help Storm King.”


Nick smashed his way through three more walls before he found an office that resembled the one Daniel had broadcasted into his mind. As soon as he arrived, he saw the signs of conflict–and what sounded like a strained battle.

Be careful, Daniel told him. Haley’s not in good shape. I can’t contact her. I think she’s gone feral.


Judging by the current state of Haley’s mind, there’s a fair chance she’ll attack anyone on sight. Including you.

Oh. Wonderful.

It was at that moment that the far wall to the office exploded. Haley, streaked with blood, tumbled past–she was a bundle of taut muscles, claws, and fangs. Beast Girl was right on top of her, biting her with a blood-thirsty snarl; the two were tangled together, rolling through desks and cubicles.

Nick watched, mentally calculated the timing, then launched himself at them both and threw a punch.

He socked Beast Girl in the jaw hard enough to send her flying to the far side of the room.

In an instant, he felt Haley’s clawed hand wrap around his throat. She threw him into the ground with enough force to crack the floor beneath him; after that, he felt her claws raking against his chest-plate.

“Night Cat,” Nick said. “It’s me. Let go.”

There was scarcely a glimmer of intellect behind Haley’s eyes–they burned with the rage of a cornered animal. When she opened her mouth, she snarled–spittle rained down on top of Nick’s faceplate.

She lifted her clawed hand up over her head.

“Haley,” Nick said, speaking as low as he could.

She hesitated.

Beast Girl batted her aside.

Haley yelped as she rolled past the floor and landed on her side, bleeding. Beast Girl’s arms–each nearly as thick as Nick’s waist–drove down to clasp Nick by his shoulders. Her claws were sharp enough to dig into metal. Nick felt something crinkle under the armor as she started to pull.

“Get the hell off him,” Haley said, except it was with a voice Nick had never heard her use–half-way between a growl and a roar, spoken around a mouthful of fangs and rage. Holding a large desk in both arms, she drove it forward into Beast Girl’s flank, drilling her back. When she hit the opposite wall, Haley tossed the splintered desk aside and grabbed Nick’s arm, pulling him up.

Haley’s face was still locked into an expression of pure rage, but there was something else there, struggling to surface. She looked to Nick, then to the still-recovering Beast Girl. “Fly,” she said, pointing.

Nick didn’t need any more encouragement. He threw himself at Beast Girl, kicked the engine to full, and slammed into her full-force. The wall behind them gave as they tore their way outside the dam, flying somewhere high above the lake.

Beast Girl clawed and shrieked, trying to get a hold on him. When they reached the center of the lake, Nick let loose with everything he had–pumping her full of sonics and punching her in the jaw. With a strangled groan, she relaxed her grip and fell from his arms, descending toward the water.

Nick turned around and flew back in.

Haley was still recovering. She was hunched over a desk, looking like she was ready to puke. A streak of blood was smeared down one temple–the way she was holding her left arm made Nick think it was broken, or at least sprained.


“Fine,” she barked, and then she shook her head. “Others. Trouble. Can hear. Go.”


“Come out come out wherever you are,” Shock Jock said.

Vaughn pressed his back against the wall and fought to catch his breath. Somewhere around the corner, Shock Jock was floating in the center of the room, with several bits of twisted metal circling him.

“C’mon, Vaughn,” Shock Jock said. “This is the part where I’m supposed to give you that whole ‘join the dark side’ speech. But the whole hiding thing is spoiling the mood.”

Vaughn bit down his tongue. His mind raced for a solution.


Daniel! Christ, thank God you’re okay. This guy’s gone all Magneto on me.

Anna’s got a plan. She needs your help, though.

What do I do?

Keep ‘Magneto’ distracted.

How? Dude’s throwing generators at me.

He’s a talker.


So you’re a talker. Out-talk him.

Vaughn took in a slow breath, steadied his nerves, and called out. “Shock Jock? Did you win that name in a radio contest or something?”

“There you are.” A three ton generator slammed into the wall directly behind Vaughn. Concrete buckled and cracked; Vaughn jumped forward and summoned up a gust of wind to fling himself into the air.

Lead him, Daniel said, and he sent Vaughn an image of the corridor to his left.

“Seriously though, this was your big plan?” Vaughn called out behind him, letting the wind carry his voice. “Tell me how I’m a supervillain and throw a couple of generators at me? Yeah, gramps would be proud. You turned out to be one hell of a bad guy, Shockster.”

“I’ll show you bad.” Electricity flowed up along the edges of the corridor as Shock Jock gave chase. He flew in after Vaughn, trailed by a wall of lightning; his expression was that of a maniac. The ground, walls, and ceiling above him started to bend beneath the sheer heat his power was generating.

“Red Lightning was in charge,” Vaughn called back. “He was like Lex Luthor, y’know? He ran the show. What’re you running, Shockster? Last I checked, you’re just some brainster’s lackey, riding on grandpa’s fame.”

A bolt of lightning scored the ceiling over Vaughn’s head, singing one of his eyebrows. “You talk too much,” Shock Jock said.

“I mean, he was a crazy meglomaniacal asshole, but even I gotta admit, grandpa was a bad-ass,” Vaughn said. “So what are you? Besides pink and fruity, I mean.”

Shut up!” Another bolt ripped past Vaughn’s left, tearing a gaping hole in the wall. Vaughn flew low as Daniel broadcasted another image in his mind, along with a quick battery of instructions.

“Anyway, you’re right,” Vaughn said as he threw himself up to the roof of the hallway. “I did juice myself, just like you did. But you did it because you wanted to be like him.”

Anna Spencer stepped around the corner ahead of Vaughn, holding the particle beam in her arms. A roachbot was perched atop of it, its interior open and exposed–several of its wires had been rerouted into the particle beam’s circuitry and battery.

“But me?” Vaughn said as he landed besides Anna and brought both hands down atop of the roachbot–giving it all the juice he could manage. Electricity buzzed through the device as it produced a deep, throaty hum.

Anna pointed the jury-rigged high-powered ECM cannon directly at Shock Jock.

“I did it because I wanted to prove that I’m not.”

The cannon fired. Shock Jock managed a brief ‘urk’ before an invisible wave of electromagnetic force flowed across him–the metal bits and pieces around him tumbled to the ground as the wall of lightning behind him was immediately extinguished. He fell to the floor, landing in a roll.

The roll brought him directly in front of Vaughn and Anna. Lightning wove between Vaughn’s fingertips.

Shock Jock blinked. The ECM burst had temporarily shorted out his powers–when he tried to summon electricity, all he got was a fizzle. “Um–”

Vaughn opened both palms out toward him. “Besides, haven’t you ever read comic books? Good guys like Batman get all the ladies.”

Lightning flashed.


Nick, Haley, Daniel, and Anna met in the main lobby. Anna was carefully removing the roachbot from the particle beam; Daniel was trying to get in contact with Lim. Nick was helping Haley, who still walked with an unsteady limp. Vaughn floated in a moment later, with an unconscious Shock Jock over his shoulder.

“That’s everyone but Beast Girl,” he said. “Commando’s glued up in the other chamber–couldn’t pull her off the ground. She’s pretty pissed,” he added.

“Yeah, but there’s no way to keep her unconscious,” Nick said. “As for Beast Girl, the authorities can pick her up. Dropped her in the lake. Pretty far out. Should buy us a few minutes.”

“Ugh,” Haley said, and she shook her head. “I’m sorry about–”

“Don’t worry,” Nick said. “She pushed you pretty hard.”

Anna looked up from her repairs. “Where’s the omnisphere?”

“Not sure,” Daniel said. “Been trying to scan Paradigm’s mind for more information, but he’s got defenses up even when he’s unconscious. I’m sure it’s here some–”

There was a slight click from behind them. All five turned at once–and found Paradigm sitting up, the omnisphere in hand.

He was grinning.

“Crap,” Daniel said. “He must have had some sort of trigger against being kept unconscious.”

“Don’t move,” Anna told Paradigm. “Whatever you’re planning–”

“I’ve had a brief conversation with my benefactor,” Paradigm said. “He’s made it clear to me that he wants to meet you all in person. So I’m arranging the meeting.” He pressed the pressure-sensitive plates on the sphere.

In an instant, Paradigm was swallowed in a brilliant, blinding light.

Nick moved forward to intercept, but Anna caught him by the arm. “No,” she said. “Remember Blur? Same thing could happen to you.”

The ball of light remained, swirling ever-brighter. As the colors started to build, Daniel crinkled his brows.

“Tried to read him before he left,” Daniel said. “Whoever this ‘benefactor’ is, it’s just the one guy. Apparently, he doesn’t even have any powers. Calls himself ‘War’.”

Vaughn stepped forward. “What are we waiting for?” he asked. “We just kicked all of our evil clones’ asses. We can take some interdimensional punk.”

The sphere of lights disappeared. A figure stood where it had once been.

He was seven feet tall, and covered in power-armor.

“That’s–that’s, uh,” Vaughn said. “That looks a lot like–”

“The Rocket suit,” Nick said.

“That’s an evil Rocket clone, isn’t it?” Vaughn asked.

“Probably,” Nick said.

A very large looking gatling gun swept up from War’s back and locked on top of his shoulder. A missile launcher swung up on top of the other shoulder, exposing nine separate miniature warheads.

“We should be running now, shouldn’t we?” Vaughn asked.

“Definitely,” Nick said.

The room erupted in a blast of ordnance.

26 thoughts on “The Omnisphere: Part 5”

  1. Egads! It’s War! And he’s in some sort of Machine!

    So, unpowered…doubtful that it’s Machine-Man or his grandson, though. Could be Ray, possibly.

    It is nice to see teamwork winning through once more. Also, my highlight of the entry is “Lightning flashed.”

    Still, let’s see what we know about this War Ma-…Missle. War Missile. Gatlings and missiles. Well, that’s limited ammo. In the case of the missiles, that’s limited explosive ammo strapped to your enemy’s body.

    If Vaughn can do ANYTHING magnetic, now’s the time to go for it. Other than that, we’ve got superspeed, much greater brute strength, and, as always, the power of the Author!

  2. “By the time they made it through the fourth wall”

    When reading that line did anyone else think for a second that they’d jumped another universe and ended up in the real world?

    I’m loving the crossover. I remember i started to read The Last Skull but got distracted by other things and never went back. This is making me interested in it again.

  3. HA! My wild guessing about the ‘benefactor’ was correct, or at least close! Ok enough gloating…

    “Fiesty, too,” she said.
    Feisty, no?

    Interesting here is that Shock Jock and Storm King actually seem to have different powers – SJ has is all about electromagnetism, whereas SK does weather control. Both have lightning, but one has magnetism on the side while the other gets wind.

    One difference I’m noting between Robert and Jim is that there seems to be more pseudoscience here.

  4. @Kyle: The Last Skull is finished, and it’s certainly worth a read. It’s not five stars (not without some editing, which Robert says he’s going to do), but I enjoyed it VERY much, so if you like LoN, you’ll like Skull too.

    My highlight for this chapter was ‘So you’re a talker. Out-talk him.’


  5. PG: Huh. War Machine. How did I not notice that?

    DWWolf: For what it’s worth (it’s easy to forget), Nick’s mom is the youngest daughter with four older brothers, and the daughter of the original Rocket, and Ghostwoman.

    Mazzon: All the alternate versions have some differences in powers, I think.

    As for psuedoscience, I’m sure I include a certain amount of it, but to be honest, in my reading, I tend to gravitate towards science fiction (and many of my favorite writers are also scientists). As such, I often have to remind myself that it’s okay not to have everything be scientifically plausible in this genre.

    Kyle: I thought of that too once or twice. It might have been funny to have someone talk to the readers as per Deadpool or She-Hulk at that point.

    Eli: There are a lot of great lines.

    One of the things that I’ve liked about the story is that Robert pulled out elements of the characters that I’d actually put in there, and that I was relieved were actually noticeable. I worry about whether they are.

    In a few cases, he’s done things that I’ve intended to do more of, but circumstances haven’t allowed it. For example, having Vaughn talk a lot during a fight. I’ve always imagined him doing it, but haven’t really had the opportunity to show it.

    Similarly, I was seeing parts of this as I was writing the Haley story, and was amused to notice that Robert was doing stuff with her struggle with certain aspects of her nature too.

  6. Well, it can’t be the original Rocket’s son, because there was no son, only a daughter. It can’t likely be Nick’s mom, because she has powers, and War has no powers. People are talking about the Cannon clan, and that’s a distinct possibility, but given the whole opposites thing, Man-Machine was probably a hero in that universe. No, I’m thinking War is the true “inheritor” of the Rocket tech, the only person with whom Grampa Rocket would’ve actually shared his technology: Larry the Rhino.


  7. Good one HG, hadn’t thought of that. But Jim did just say there were 4 brothers… So it’s still up in the air.

    There are also still enough possibilities to “manage” War as well.
    Vaugn-Anna particle beam/ECM beam powerup combo. With Red Lightning as a buddy of the Rocket, would there have been a need for the Rocket to lightning proof his armor as much ? So Vaugn alone also possible.

    I’m enjoying this crossover btw. It also introduced me to the Last Skull which I’ve also enjoyed. Especially Summerset.

  8. re: War, I’m a terrible person who likes to make terrible call-outs (Bonesaw’s name is a Spiderman reference). Also, my idea was that all the powers are different in subtle but important ways (Paradigm doesn’t see in the future, for instance).

    An aside about War–originally, the villain for this was supposed to be Alexander Noble, an immortal dude that Nick’s grandfather had stranded on the moon (Nick’s opening line about the moon landing being faked was supposed to be ironic in lieu of the opening scene). While writing, I had this second idea for a confrontation I really loved, but called for another villain–so I had Noble join up with War for help. After a while, I realized War was *way* cooler than Noble (particularly because of the confrontation), and rather than having Noble play second fiddle, I dumped the original idea and rewrote the whole thing around War.

    Point being, the next scene (the one that will be posted on Wednesday, I assume) is what I wrote first; everything else (except Nick’s opening, and a few other segments that carried over) was written around that scene. You find out who War is, what he wants, and why Nick is in trouble.

  9. I noticed early on that Robert was highlighting a lot of Legion of Nothing elements, that’s why I wasn’t too concerned about some of the dialogue differences because otherwise the elements were in place — and the characters we know could be really shaken up by facing their counterparts and be forgiven some somewhat uncharacteristic dialogue.

    Plus, Nick is really dry as a narrator and once in awhile might miss nuances, so it worked for me.

    BUT this storyline has been so much fun from the perspective of “wow it’s cool to watch someone else take characters we love and show us new things” that I really want to try this too — whether with Jim, Robert or others, so I put up a post about it on Web Fiction Guide.

    I think it would be a blast to see guest writers mess with my stuff, and be invited to do the same. I liked the big summer crossovers as a kid on X-Men and its family of books, like Inferno or Age of Apocalypse. The April Fool’s thing was fun, and I want to expand on things like that.

  10. Re: Children of Joe

    Doh! When I loaded up this page, Jim had yet to post his comment about Nick’s uncles. Oh well, I still think it could/should be Larry.


  11. Oops, I mean, “who killed the Ghost” Started to say “never met the Ghost”…. should stick to one train of thought!

  12. — “All he could manage was an “um”.

    …..And then Lightning flashed.”

    Dude, Vaughn for President in 2012!!!!!

    This may be the best arc yet. Jim, please don’t kick my ass for saying that.

    Also, why do I feel like *I”m* developing a crush on Anna?

  13. I don’t know if Vaughn could be president. I think his double’s choice of outfits is telling us something. I mean, I’ve got nothing against a guy who wears pink to intimidate, flashes, and trades strokes with another man, but I just don’t think he can win the presidency yet.

    Forget the Red Lightning. Fear the Power of the Pink Lightning!

    Perfect song for him too… The Flash Gordon Theme by Queen.

    All joking aside, I can’t remember if we’ve ever noticed him with a girl so far.

  14. Hmm, I always figured Daniel was probably gay but can’t really say I saw Vaughn that way. Then again my guesswork isn’t probably worth much since I’m still kind of shipping Nick with Chris despite everything.

    Having a superhero for president is surprisingly rarely seen topic in comics, which I find a bit odd considering it’s a fairly obvious one, especially for DC where you either love Superman or you’re a villain. Or Batman, but that’s just because he’s so smart he can recognize a sword of Damocles when he sees one.
    Now that I think about it, I can’t even remember any superhero presidents of USA except Jack Hawksmoor, though he probably counts at least twice for just making it look so cool.

  15. One hazard of judging sexuality in Legion of Nothing is the narrator. If Nick doesn’t know, it won’t be mentioned.

  16. Tell you the truth, I kinda saw Nick and Cassie getting it on before the whole Haley thing.

    A Superhero President is perhaps the very worst idea ever. The President as a fictional character is a great facilitator. You can’t have him be a hero, because his response to a terrorist bombing of an American embassy won’t be an embargo or calling the Marines. He’ll simply suit up and kick the guilty ass all on his own.

  17. So far, there has been one good super president that I know of. There’s also been one superpowered mayor of New York, one unpowered 18 year old president, one emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, and a couple of evil supervillain presidents that I know of in comic books.

    The super president involved other dimensional versions of Superman where it was revealed that a black president in the latest few years was also a Superman analog.

    The superpowered Mayor of New York used his own special rocketeer-style gear, and saved one of the towers on 9/11. The 18 year old resisted all temptation of power and corruption and eventually had his presidency erased from his history so it would instead appear as a dream to strive toward. I think.
    The Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico was Joshua A. Norton. He existed in real life as well, but was featured in Three Septembers and a January, a story in The Sandman series.

    The evil presidents include Lex Luthor and the implied analog of Nixon who was serving as Number One of the Secret Empire. Possibly included in this list is the Marvel Zombieverse Colonel America, who served as president, albeit before he began to hunger for human flesh. This is brought up when another zombified hero mentions that maybe he remembers where some of those doomsday bunkers are from his days as president.

    The list gets much longer if you include other countries, like Latveria and Wakanda.

    The Nerdputer has spoken! Thus sayeth Nerdputer!

  18. By the time they made it through the fourth wall, Commando had managed to get her arms underneath Nick’s shoulders, slam her foot into the floor, and suplex him straight into the ground.

    what does “suplex” mean ?

  19. Jim;
    Don’t know if you’ll see this, being so long after the original post, but I have one little nit to pick. “The room erupted in a blast of ordnance.” An ordinance is a regulation or law put in place by a governing body. Ordnance is boomie things. You mean “ordnance”.

  20. Okay, is anyone else disappointed by ‘War.’ When I figured out later in my reading that this little side story was made cannon I came back to finish reading it, but THIS is evil Nick? He’s got super lasers that can cut through battleships (supposedly) on the strength of a tiny battery that fits in a guitar hero controller, particle beam cannons the size of assault rifles, about a bajillion other things that could take him from a c-lister to the top-tier if he was willing to kill instead of being a shortsighted hippie, and his evil clone uses GATTLING GUNS and missile launchers.

    FFS. Imagine how powerful the Rocket suit could be with actual BATTERIES to amplify the current model (which, judging by Nick’s explanations at various points, is some sort of perpetual motion machine that generates superstrength from his regular low-strength movements). Or hell, a micro version of the alien fusion reactors. Now imagine how powerful the LASER in the guitar controller would be if it ran off say a paint-can sized battery in the small of his back instead of what’s probably about a RC-car sized battery in the guitar controller. For that matter imagine if he was smart enough to be concerned about updating his suit (which I can only assume an evil version would be) and he switched his rocket pack out for grav plates, his ceramic and steel armor out for whatever crazy shit the hull of the ‘jet’ is made of, and maybe threw some forcefields in for shits and giggles. His grandpa already reverse engineered all of that stuff, all Nick’s gotta do is bone up on his notes and miniaturize it.

    But no, the evil rocket uses pretty much the same suit with some gattling guns and missiles added on. So pretty much what the not-evil WWII era regular rocket used.

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