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  1. Jim, I want you and that interviewer to throw down in a TKD battle to the death. Well, not death, because I like you both. You more, obviously.

  2. Jim, I’m amazed that you write such AMAZING battle scenes, and yet you consciously try to destruct the idea of the “fight-happy” superhero.

  3. You know the funny thing about all those characters I created and never used? They may have helped somehow. If nothing else, they at least made me think about designing characters more than I would have normally.

    That said, I still would rather have played them.

    As for violence… For better or for worse, I personally enjoy sparring, and I like thinking about weapons, strategy and tactics. What’s always bugged me is the stories that don’t take seriously the potential human aftermath. That seems wrong. Fights have consequences. I try to remember that.

  4. Like some deleted stuff from the first Austin Powers movie. In the final battle, every time he kills a minion, they cut to the minion’s friends and loved ones at his funeral, crying.

  5. Lorenzo: Thanks, though to be honest, I look for stuff like this, and when the opportunity comes up I say something.

    PG: I’ve never seen that on DVD. Clearly I need to do that and check out the special features.

  6. Heh. I felt very self conscious/introspective about my own work as some of the points came up over the course of the ‘cast, as far as violence, unused characters, the aftermath of fights, superheroes in high school and so on.

    At what point do unused characters count as ‘unused’? (I know Jim was referring to the Villains and Vigilantes characters as far as gaming went, then, but still…) Is a character unused if they’re in your story, but stay in the background for 25+ chapters, with intent to use them at some later date? At what point are you doing yourself, your readers or your work a disservice, as far as creating characters who don’t see the light of day?

  7. I don’t think you’re ever doing your readers a disservice by having interesting characters lurking in the background. On the whole, you’re doing the right thing by not using them much if the plot doesn’t need it.

    One of the reasons I’m doing some stories from the perspective of other characters is that in some ways, putting the character into the forefront of things for the moment makes it more likely that I’ll do stuff with them in the future.

  8. Too true. I know when I do an Interlude for Worm, spotlighting things from another perspective, between arcs, the character shows up in some fashion not long after.

  9. Ironically, I probably ought to do a story from the perspective of Larry (The Rhino) or Jaclyn’s grandfather (C). Both of the characters predate the creation of this serial. I included them in the hopes I’d get to do more with them. Haven’t yet done enough…

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