A Kind of Small Crow: Part 4

I hung sideways, and it wasn’t very comfortable. The stealth suit had hardened where it hit the seat belt and the right armrest, so nothing hurt.

I turned my head to check how Courtney was doing. I’d heard her hit the door, but she moved, and illuminated by the dashboard lights, I could see her turn her head upward toward me.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I’m fine. Could you pass me the helmet?”

Attached to the guitar by a thick cable, the helmet had fallen past her legs when the van tipped over, and lay on the door.

“Uh… Sure.”

She handed it to me, and it wasn’t hard to grab. My head hung most of the way to her seat.

I put it on my head and heard the helmet seal while the readouts came to life near the top of my vision.

The guitar was at full charge, and wasn’t showing any error messages.

That was good because at just about the same time, I got my first view of Rook, the guy who had probably tipped the van over.

I saw him through the window of my door (now pointing upward toward the night sky)—just after I heard a thumping noise.

All black, Rook’s powered armor had been shaped to resemble a bird—mostly. Real rooks didn’t have arms that ended in claws.

He scraped a claw across the (also made of transparent aluminum alloy) window.

It didn’t break.

I pointed the end of the guitar at him,and said quietly, “Remember what I said about the armor in the back? Last chance to put some on.”

Courtney took off her seat belt, and climbed over her seat and into the back.

Rook hadn’t reacted when I pointed the guitar at him, but he seemed to hear something because he tilted his head as I talked. That he hadn’t reacted to the guitar didn’t surprise me—the windows were near impossible to see through from the outside—but hearing me did. I thought I’d insulated the van better than that.

Rook punched the window. It still didn’t break, but an opaque, roughly fist-shaped circle appeared where he hit.

I opened my seat belt, hanging on to the door’s armrest as I did it, and then dropping to the passenger side door.

“By any chance, is that the Rocket in there?” A relaxed, and thoroughly amplified, baritone voice filled the van.

“I can’t tell you how much I loved the original Rocket. He inspired me. Did you know him?”

The voice sounded like it had a British accent, or maybe a fake British accent? I had no way of knowing.

“A bit,” I said. Would it be better to talk with this guy?

Over the helmet’s communicator, Haley asked, “Rocket, are you okay? Do you need help?”

“I don’t know,” I whispered. “We’re talking.”

Several lightning strokes and thunderclaps in quick succession came from outside. It sounded like Vaughn might need help.

More loudly, I said, “Sure, I knew him.”

In the helmet’s readouts, a yellow dot appeared next to Cassie’s name, and her voice came over the team’s open channel. “I don’t know how they found me, but I’m getting attacked by mechanical crows. Need some help here…”

With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I guessed how. Even if he couldn’t break the encryption, he might have been able to figure out a way to recognize our communications. With enough birds, he’d be able to use triangulation and track all of us.

“And he trained you?” His voice seemed to convey actual curiosity—as if he’d been introduced to me for some reason.

“Partly, yeah.” Somewhere in the back of my head, I had the sense that two and three word sentence answers might not be the way to keep him occupied.

Without thinking, I glanced toward the back to find out how Courtney was doing.

She’d ditched her sweatshirt, and put on the shirt, but wasn’t quite finished with pants. Plus, she’d taken off her shoes.

I turned away. I’d seen more than I’d intended.

From above, Rook said, “Good. Then it might be worth taking apart your equipment after you die.”

And with that, he sank his claws into the door, and ripped it out of the van.

Pulling his great, black wings next to his body, he grabbed the edge, and dropped inside.

The only things that saved us from dying then were the van’s bucket seats. His lower claws hit the passenger side door, putting the driver’s seat at eye level.

To Courtney’s credit, she had the pants on by then, and she didn’t even try to grab her shoes.

Two steps brought us to the van’s back doors.

23 thoughts on “A Kind of Small Crow: Part 4”

  1. I hope for Nicks sake that Rook’s use of high gain mikes will backfire on Rook….there’s a couple of ways that might not be too smart when fighting the Rocket.

  2. If Rook is a fan of the original Rocket, there’s a good chance he knows about the tendency to use sonic weapons. Presumably, he would have protected his own armor somehow. Then again, maybe not.

  3. He most likely knows about the Sonic’s but i don’t think he knows about the guitars crazy lasers that can burn throw a battle ship. But i don’t think Nick will out right kill the guy. too bad this guy’s sounds like he deserves it.

  4. I’m more concerned that they’re abandoning the van, with all its tech more or less intact. And Nick can’t even set off the thermite failsafe (of course he installed a failsafe…) because the van is on its side at a gas station.

    Guess he’ll just have to blast it with lasers after the civilians clear out. BOOM!

  5. Psycho Gecko hacks into Nick’s armor using his patented “Hollywood Hackathingy,” an audio-molecular-vibratory device capable of moving particles through space…and hacking things that aren’t supposed to be hacked. In an attempt to goad Rook, he uses Rocket’s sonics to blast out the song “Surfin’ Bird”.

  6. Nick need to make that portable armour.

    It a cool cover but somthing like the UK cover of soon i will be invincible would be cooler.

  7. I do wonder what Nick’s miniscule self mind power potential is ( uncontrolled substances ). At this stage even the ability to survive on 4 hrs of sleep a night would be a boon with all the work he has lined up.

  8. Factoid: “transparent aluminum” exists. It occurs in nature, and can be made in laboratories.

    It’s called Sapphire.

    Synthetic sapphire, or “sapphire glass”, is used to a limited extend in high-test laboratory equipment where ordinary glass would not do. It is currently rather expensive to make, so it isn’t produced in great quantity…. but then again, so were rubies for laser crystals, once.

  9. Technically thats transparant alumina ( the oxide of aluminum ) the magnesium aluminum spinels have performance benefits though. Both are cheap enough to be used for armor now. They offer either a significant weight loss or an increase in protection levels over armored glass composites. What Nick seems to be using in the van behaves more like an metal than the ceramic like behavior of alumina crystals.

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    Eighth Amendment: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflected, except in any cases where the plaintiff is Psycho Gecko.

    Ninth Amendment: The enumeration in the Comment, of certain people, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained in history.

  11. DWwolf, for Nicks’ power check out the references to his childhood habit of disassembling things. He’s not just a geek, he’s mad scientist material.

  12. @Hydra

    That looks significantly less retro than I expected. Is it supposed to be the stealth suit?

  13. Nope. It’s the regular suit.

    Personally, I’d have gone with a slightly more retro look, but at the same time, it makes sense given that the original Rocket would have been working on it within the last 5 years.

  14. Jim, are you planning on selling the book? If so, hardcopy or epub format? I’d be interested in either, and maybe both.

  15. Selling is absolutely the plan. The moment it’s available, I’ll be letting people know.

    Oh… It’ll be available both in print and ebook.

  16. Okay, now I’m pissed!

    I’ve been cruising along in stealth mode, just enjoying the story; not feeling the need to comment. Everything I’ve felt like saying has been covered sufficiently by other posters, so I’ve laid off.

    Until now.

    Nick: Is this your first day?
    Have you forgotten EVERYTHING Lee taught you in the past ten years? You’ve just blown a chance at a first strike against a powerful, possibly equally strong foe who has promised to see you dead!
    Rook was standing on the door looking down straight into the muzzle of your laser! When he rips the door off, SHOOT. HIM. IN. THE. FACE!!!!

    Even if you don’t damage him, you dazzle him. Possibly overamp his enhanced vision systems, with luck blind him temporarily (or permanently)! At the very best, you startle him and give yourself more time and some cover for your escape! Remember, you’re not just covering your own escape. You have an innocent to protect. Think!

  17. — “When he rips the door off, SHOOT. HIM. IN. THE. FACE!!!!” —

    I hereby nominate Psychlone Ranger for Comment of the Week.

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