Legion of Nothing: Rebirth Now on Kindle

The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth (Volume 1)Just for the record, folks, here’s a link to my publisher’s announcement about Legion of Nothing. The first volume is out for Kindle. Other formats will follow soon. I’ve got the epub version (for Nook, and most other ereaders) already, but there’s a little work to be done there, I guess.

Oh, and those of you who have read it (it amounts to “The Beginning” through “1953”), feel free to review it.

Reviews greatly help it get noticed.

EDIT: For that matter, if you’ve read the online version, feel free to review it too. You’ve read the story. The online version is simply an earlier draft.

16 thoughts on “Legion of Nothing: Rebirth Now on Kindle”

  1. Ok being a fan over the years saw the rss feed and just bought it.
    I’ll read through it and review it on Amazon as soon as I’m able.
    All the best.

  2. I’ve bought it straight away… It’s been a fun few years following your posts and I’m glad I can throw in some support…

    1. Cool. Thanks. Personally, I’m looking forward to getting the next section out.

      It’ll be interesting to get to work on the whole thing with Ray and Justice Fist again.

  3. …and a nice paperback version for my shelf please? 😀

    *has no kindle or other electronical reading device, like the sad little bunny he is*

    OK, obviously my PC is an electronical reading device, allowing me to read it here…but you all know what I mean!

    Congratulations Jim! Word shall spread and thou whilst soon be a well known, household author!

  4. The paperback will come out “as soon as possible” according to my editor as will the version for the Nook. I don’t know specifically when as 1889 Labs is a small organization and the same person probably has to lay out all of those.

    Also, thanks for the congratulations.

  5. Well, I’m definitely considering buying the Kindle version. Sure, I’ve read it before on the internet, but it would be good to have an offline version to read and it’s at a very reasonable price.

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