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Hey folks…

I just thought I’d pass along this link:

Basically it lists many of the sites that I’m appearing on as a result of the “blog tour” I’m doing to promote the book. I’ve done  a few readings that I’ve put on a Youtube, a couple blog posts, interviews, and also, there are a few posted excerpts of the book.

Plus, if you want there are a couple giveaways associated with it. There’s the Goodreads giveaway which I’ve mentioned before, but I’ll mention again: That’s for a print copy.

There’s also the other giveaway my publisher’s doing:

Basically, you can win a variety of things, ranging from a LoN t-shirt to print book to Kindle plus ebook copy.

You can also sign up for my mailing list, and be updated every time there’s a new LoN book or other update related to my writing: Legion of Nothing newsletter. That said, signing up for the mailing this through the giveaway link counts as 3 entries into the drawing, so if you’re on Facebook, you might as well do it through the 1889 Labs link.

OK… Almost done with the self-promotional stuff.

Finally, if you feel the urge to write me a review or simply rate the first book (which amounts to “The Beginning” through “1953”, please do. It’ll help the book be more visible, and increase chances people will buy it. For what it’s worth, even if you’ve just read it on this site, you’re still qualified to rate it. It’s very similar (though I’d like to think it’s improved).

Shutting up about this stuff now…

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  1. looking up the youtube stuff. i want to hear your voice. buying your book on kindle just havent gotten around to it yet.

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