It’ll Appear Tomorrow

Basically here’s the deal. I’m not done yet, and this is my 18th wedding anniversary. While I’d love to finish this right now, I have this feeling that my wife will be mildly* unhappy if I completely ignore her for the next few hours (my normal policy for Sunday nights).

Other people would probably have planned for this and finished already. Those other people aren’t me.

* “Mildly” == “Very” in this context.

13 thoughts on “It’ll Appear Tomorrow”

  1. Congratulations on 18 years! Wow thats amazing! You definitely made the right choice. I’m sure we can all cope without todays dose of LoN for awhile (although Gecko may well get withdrawel symptoms 😉 )

  2. Wow.

    Congratulations, and though I’m looking forward to the next installment… this is better. Carry on

  3. Thanks. The number of years sounds a lot longer than it feels like.

    With any luck I’ll update earlier tonight than I do normally.

  4. I’d post something myself to once again take advantage of your story not being up on time, but I don’t have anything I’d use right now, or the time to post it. Besides, I think I didn’t do a very good job with that last one I posted on here. I was going for deep and dark and I think I made a mess of it. Can’t trust me with sensitive issues.

    I’m a bit late, but might I suggest that your dessert consist of Viagra, a Red Bull, and a new position for each year? And dueling fantasy cosplay! She can be the Catholic schoolgirl, you’ll be the luchador! Or the other way around, you be the Catholic schoolboy and she’ll be the luchador.

    Quick, get him in the Serbian Lip Lock, Jim’s wife! Now apply pressure with the tongue until he passes out!

  5. congrats on 18 years. lol glad it “doesn’t feel that long” she should read and comment on L.O.N. more. she could post as “author’s-wife.”

  6. Congrats on lasting 18 years. Hope you make a few more.

    On another note, I’m enjoying The League story. I hope to see more in the future!

  7. Congrats to both you and Mrs. Zoetewey. (thinking) I remember a post from someone named (Lisa, I think?) Zoetewey in one of the first arc’s. Is this the lucky lady?

  8. Happy belated 18th & I hope you managed to make 26. All the best for the new year & thanks for the great story.

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