Kickstarter! (for book 2 and hopefully 3)

Here we go. You know how I’ve been talking about the Kickstarter, and how it would be up on Wednesday. Well, it’s Wednesday. Now I’ll grant you that I’ve been trying to finish this thing since May, and so you might not have been expecting to see it after all this time.

Nonetheless, the moment has arrived. I’ve finally gotten so sick of editing the video that I’ve put up the Kickstarter anyway. Seriously. That’s what’s been holding this up. This is version number four. It’s still got noticeable problems, but there’s a time where you ignore the problems and take a step forward.

This is mine.

Oh… One more thing. According to Kickstarter, 90% of a project’s donations come from people already connected to the project owner.

That’d be you. You, and my friends and family anyway. So, no pressure, but, if you feel maybe a little pressure, well, that would help. The Kickstarter will go on for a month, ending on November 14, 2014.

This is the link if you want to click through or even promote it (please do):

For those of you who are more impatient, you can watch the video right here on my own site:

13 thoughts on “Kickstarter! (for book 2 and hopefully 3)”

  1. The video looks pretty good. Nice mix of text and spoken stuff. Knowing a bit about the history of the creative process for LoN is interesting.

    Good luck!

  2. Finally this is up, and I’m happy. I backed for the print version, but I was also hoping you would have the first paperback included as an option somewhere. It seems like it’s out of stock everywhere. Is there any way I can still get one? I’d like to have the set.

  3. Dreamer: Thanks. I still mostly see flaws in the video, but it’s my second time ever using a video editing program, so I feel okay about that.

    At least most of the time.

    Lanky7: Now at 41%. I hope it works too.

    Starshadowx2: I’m going to get the paperback version of volume 1 up on Amazon again in the near future, but I’ve been putting it off until I buy ISBN numbers.

    Psycho Gecko: Having made up internet names in the Acknowledgements will be one of the more amusing features of this.

  4. Nothing seriously wrong with the videos at all, Jim. It’s clearly home-grown, which is probably a good thing, to be honest.

    The only thing that I would suggest for the next videos, if next videos are ever required, is that you figure out a way to set up your recording device so that it is actually at head level. The viewpoint, looking up at you, made me feel like I was in a dentist chair listening to you. I kept expecting you to pull out dental torture devices and say, “Now this won’t hurt a bit.”


  5. Didn’t watch the video, just threw money at the screen. I can’t wait to get my new book. The only thing I wonder is do I use my real name or my favorite alias?

    Keep up the great work and Long Live the Legion!

  6. Hunh. That kid is young-looking on the first book. I’d presumed (or maybe I’d just forgotten) that he was older in the first book. I’m kind of used to him being in college now, I was just mentally picturing Rocket and Night Cat making out and suddenly I’m confronted with the idea that the woman I was mentally picturing may not have been as old as I thought she was, which is borderline creepy.

  7. Wow i beelieve the kickstarters worked 226% u deserve it jim with all the work youve put in good job i have realy enjoyed it so far

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