Vote Legion, See New Cover

Hey folks, as mentioned earlier, I’d like to use seeing the second Legion of Nothing novel’s cover as a vote incentive.

Please vote for Legion of Nothing on Top Web Fiction, and see the new cover.

EDIT: When I did this for the last cover, we actually got Legion up to the number one spot on TWF. TWF’s top spot is higher now than it was then, but Legion also has enough readers to reach it (temporarily, at least).

EDIT: I think this is the most votes LoN has ever gotten at once–169.

EDIT: Wow. 200.

EDIT: 255 and up to third place at one point which was cool as LoN is generally at 8th.

EDIT: Highest rank LoN got was 3rd with a 273 vote total–which is great.

6 thoughts on “Vote Legion, See New Cover”

  1. I can’t get past that horrible ‘real person verification’ stage. Those have to be the worst text mutilations I’ve ever seen.

  2. I, uh, didn’t need no verification…

    Also, that is NOT how I imagined Night Cat, like, at all. Or the Stealth Suit, to be honest.

    1. Really? For me, it’s close enough. If I were going after small details, I could point out inconsistencies with I imagine her to be like, but for me, it’s not a big issue.

      1. I suppose a lot of it is based on how people think certain personalities should look, according to who they know with those personalities.

        Haley, to me, was always a little broader, a little more square of face with a somewhat more prominent brow (and I don’t imagine her with a mask- always figured the transformation took care of identity issues). And I guess I figured she kept her hair behind her ears- maybe up, maybe a little shorter, more neck length than shoulder.

        For the Stealth Suit, I always imagined it more skin-tight and stretchy, with a single texture and color over the whole surface- like a wetsuit. The image up there, to me, looks more like a less baggy fireman’s outfit instead- not as much like something I’d expect to see fitting inside armour. I also thought it would be darker.

        Of course, you’ve probably described all those things in great detail before- like I said, people tend to just get an image in their heads of what characters are supposed to look like, and often they don’t match what the creator was thinking- especially with books and their cover pictures. Like Tim Akers’ “Horns of Ruin”- the character on the front doesn’t look anything like I imagine the character in the book.

        …Actually, now that I’m looking at it more, I wonder if it’s not Haley’s pose and expression that are throwing me off- Nick’s not the most canny of emotion observers, and the way he describes Haley and his interactions therewith, she seems a lot more serious and unsure, whereas this Night Cat is rather playful and confident looking- honestly, both are probably equally valid points, but that might be where the cognitive dissonance is coming from.

        1. I wish he would write more in the horns of ruin world. That he is not a big industry name is a perfect example of the fickle nature of tge publishing industry. That book is better 99.9 % of the urban fantasy and related subgenre stuff that is making an actual quit your day job profit for some, but I read a post where he might have to change the name he writes under do to abysmal lack of sales ๐Ÿ™

          It is a travesty that Jim isn’t being courted my multiple publishers with retire in style advances too though. Writing is like acting, you better do it for love, because making a living at it is like playing the lotto ๐Ÿ™

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