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My father-in-law will probably die of Covid-19 tonight. My wife and one of my daughters are at the hospital. There’s a limit on how many people the hospital will let in and thus, I’m not.

I will probably write for a while. I am home alone with nothing better to do. However, if they come home before I’m done, I’ll stop writing and will probably use whatever I’ve finished as part of Monday’s update.

20 thoughts on “Keeping You Informed”

  1. Oh, wow, that sucks. Sorry to hear. You do what you gotta do, take whatever time you need, and we’ll be here when you get back.

  2. I lost my father to Covid back in April. Back then, the limit allowed with was zero, and we were in quarantine from being exposed to him anyway. He spent the last week and a half of his life alone.

    1. The fact that anyone was allowed inside his room was more of a fluke than anything else. The limit was 1, but the doctor had said it was four, so after the nurse asked her supervisor about it, they allowed three in because of the doctor’s mistake.

      The fact that my sister in law is a nurse may have played in there somewhere, I don’t know.

      But all that said, what your family went through sounds awful and sadly, you’re far from alone in that.

    1. I think my wife will be devastated later. Right now she’s helping handle funeral arrangements and other issues related to her father’s death. It may help her that she’s a medical social worker and worked in hospice for ten years. In that sense, she literally helped people to handle these very same issues professionally. That said, it’s different when it’s your own father’s death.

      I know that when my father died a few years ago, it took time before the reality of his death fully hit. It didn’t feel real that the world didn’t have him in it. I think she may still be in that place.

  3. I am sorry for you and your family.
    It is a hard thing.
    May you find solace in the good memories of your father in law…

  4. I am so sorry, Jim. I know it will take time to process the loss. I know that sense of unreality you mentioned. We have so many instincts honed to prompt us to reach out to our parents, like news they would appreciate or a question they could answer, and it is both hard and painful to learn to suppress those instincts. Best wishes for peace and healing on the long road ahead, and for health in the nearer days.

  5. My condolences to your family & a double of sympathy to your, losing a parent must be hard. Stay strong & all the best to you & the clan.

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