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Fonts of Magic: Part 10

“If Urin can tell us where Magnus is, that would solve a lot of problems,” I said, unsure of how we’d handle him, but knowing where would be a good first step.

Ruthie smiled, but it didn’t strike me as a happy smile, “I’ll try. I can’t make any promises, but at this point I’ll try anything to get that man off my back.”

“If you do find him,” Amy said, “ask him if he’s got any of Magnus’ possessions. I can do a lot with the right connection.” Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 10

Fonts of Magic: Part 9

Ruthie looked down for a moment and then said, “That’s when something changed in him. Urin found him. Back in those days, we took joy in finding new ones—new immortals. They were always so surprised to find out that there were more of us. We’d bring them in slowly, showing them what we’d done.”

Haley crossed her arms over her chest, “And what was that?” Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 9

Fonts of Magic: Part 8

As I tried to figure out where to begin, Amy pointed at me, “The Rocket’s been the most involved with all of that. You’ll want to ask him.”

“Right,” I said, “I’m trying to figure out where to start. Here’s the thing: when I just started to be the Rocket, Magnus called me on my personal cell phone—not as the Rocket. He wanted me to join him and convince my friends to do the same. So he’s known about me for years now and he’s been targeting me for some unknown reason.” Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 8

Fonts of Magic: Part 7

Through the eyehole of her grey mask, I could see Haley’s eyebrow go up, “So, we’re going to just walk through into someplace, trusting people we don’t know?”

She had a point. I said, “I guess?”

Amy shrugged, “They’re the Council and they just decided they don’t hate me. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.”

Haley glanced back toward the stairway that led to the basement and tunnel back to HQ, “I’m being paranoid, but I’m going to make sure everyone knows we’re going.” Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 7

Fonts of Magic: Part 6

Looking up at Amothel, Haley said, “We want to talk to her. Everything that happened today from the Rocket and Bloodmaiden fighting downtown to Shifter showing up here connect to the Cabal and she used to run the Cabal.”

Graffiti Knight, his voice muffled by his helmet, said, “Really? Amazing. I imagine I’ll forget that soon, but Ruthie’s so old. She knows everything.” Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 6

Fonts of Magic: Part 5

I absorbed that, “Wow. Have I heard of any of these people?”

[None of them currently have public personas. Should I give you the data directly?]

“No. I’ll take it with everyone else. I think we need to have a meeting about it and find out what to do. Give it to me as an email or a pdf or something that I can share with everyone,” I said, trying to let myself focus on the real world.

[You may wish to know that one of them is associated with the North American Wizards’ Council and thus with your current visitors.]

“I did want to know that. Thanks. Who’s the one that works with them?” Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 5

Fonts of Magic: Part 4

It was hard to read Shifter’s face. Cats didn’t have the same facility with facial expressions that humans did—at least not that I could see. For my family’s cat, Grunion, you only had body position, ears, and tail to work with if you wanted to understand the animal.

Shifter’s ears weren’t flat, but her tail twitched a little, almost as if she were an intelligent person capable of stifling most of it.

“This is none of your business,” Shifter barely moved, her arms loose, eyes not looking anywhere in particular—the kind of pose you might go with if you were expecting to be attacked at any moment and were trying to be aware of your peripheral vision. Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 4

Fonts of Magic: Part 2

Haley frowned, “I hope they’d trust you. You nearly died killing The Thing and their team didn’t get anywhere close to doing it. They were more of a problem and a distraction than they were a help.”

Amy shook her head, “I know. It’s stupid, but blood magic is different here or at least the kind that they’ve seen is. I wouldn’t trust blood magic either if only vampires used it.” Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 2

Fonts of Magic: Part 1

Amy’s mouth twisted as she eyed the glowing object. Part of me worried that she wasn’t in costume, but given that the message had found her, it was too late to worry about revealing her identity. The North American Wizard Council had probably known from the moment she appeared on our world.

In an accent that wasn’t quite Irish, Scottish, or English, but some alternate universe’s near relative, she said, “I’m Princess Amelia of the House of Sacrifice, current Bloodmaiden. You have my attention. What is your request?” Continue reading Fonts of Magic: Part 1