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War: Part 24

Even hurt, Travis still moved faster than I could. He punched the guy in the face, throwing him backward. The guy hit a big root at the tree’s base with the back of his head, and he slumped.

It probably wouldn’t last long.

The force of Travis’ blow and the man’s fall had shattered the root. Chunks of wood lay around the man’s head.
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War: Part 23

I happened to glance at the guy I’d been fighting as I flew away. He had blood dripping from his eyes. I’d hurt him for real.

Almost as gross, I glimpsed the damaged eye reforming out of goo.

We’d talked about what we’d do if they detected us, and agreed that we’d have to fight all out to escape. It wasn’t as if we’d be able to permanently hurt them. All of Prime’s reserves were nearly invulnerable, and they regenerated. It hardly seemed fair. Continue reading War: Part 23

War: Part 22

I leaned forward, and dove toward where Haley crouched on a branch. Prime’s people pulled rifles off their backs, and the short guy crouched, preparing to jump, aiming upward at her.

I maneuvered myself into an upright position, hovering a little below Haley and above Travis.

In the meantime, the short guy had left the ground. Continue reading War: Part 22

War: Part 21

What sucked most about the figures flying after me was that they were gaining.

We’d planned for aerial pursuit. We’d even planned for the possibility that I might be attacked while still on the ground, and a few other possibilities that meant that everyone in the League was out here somehow.

Unfortunately, the Rocket suit made me the fastest flier, making it necessary to pass Daniel and Vaughn’s position for them to be able to help. Continue reading War: Part 21

War: Part 20

I pulled out the controller, opened the pouches, and started by turning on a scout bot.

It crawled to the edge of the pouch, extended its wings, and then the rocket in its abdomen ignited.

The controller’s monitor gave a blurry view of trees, branches, and then the roof as it ascended, passing the edge of the flat roof, shutting off the rocket, and gliding to a stop.

A few small, rectangular windows hung open near the top of the wall. Continue reading War: Part 20

War: Part 17

Daniel turned away from his monitor. “We should go down there. Not too close, but down there and see if we can learn anything. Maybe we could bug their place.”

“They could turn us to paste,” I said.

Daniel gave a slow nod. “You’re right, but we don’t have to be seen. I think we’ll want to know what they’re up to. Imagine what happens if they show up while we’re dealing with Ray, and we haven’t planned for them.”
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