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Targets: Part 24

I didn’t even think about what I’d be hitting. I fired, holding the button down even though I knew it used more power.

I don’t think I panicked, but I can’t say I was thinking clearly.

Being rushed by someone who you know can kill you does that. Continue reading Targets: Part 24

Targets: Part 23

Alex pushed the man’s hand off himself, rolling his body to the right and standing up.

I didn’t get a chance to see what happened to him after that because the next group of Cabal soldiers had also jumped out of the forest.

One of them landed directly on the hood of Haley’s car–which didn’t dent, though it did bounce a little.

I didn’t have time to point and aim the laser in the neck at him, but I had been holding the guitar.

I pressed the button that set off what I thought of as the “light show lasers.” Continue reading Targets: Part 23

Targets: Part 22

Haley parked the car by the side of the road. As we got out, I couldn’t help but notice who wasn’t there–Jaclyn, Cassie and Julie. And that sucked because Cassie could have chopped them to pieces, Julie could have told them to stop, and had a pretty good chance that they’d listen, and Jaclyn…

Jaclyn could have done something. Physically, she was the only one of us who was in Prime’s army’s league. Plus she was a whole lot faster than any of them.

I couldn’t say that we were doomed, but part of me would have felt better knowing they were with us.
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Targets: Part 21

Off to our left, bright red beams lanced the ground, and then raked across the building I’d been in. It didn’t look like much–a concrete block with brown, wooden siding on the edge of farmland.

When the beams hit the back of the building, it exploded. I wondered if Travis had hit a gas line or if they had had an armory back there.
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Targets: Part 18

There weren’t any windows in the room, so when the lights went out, it didn’t just become a little darker in the room, it became completely black.

Well, completely black except for the line of light at the bottom of the door.

“Don’t move,” Ray said, and something clicked, followed by a frustrated sigh.

Then, I heard a rustling noise. I guessed it might be Ray or Allen’s gun being pulled from its holster. Continue reading Targets: Part 18

Targets: Part 17

Allen opened the door, and said, “Kerri, please come in.”

If you follow comics, you’ll get the impression that all women with superpowers are long-legged, wasp-waisted, supermodel types with massive–

Never mind.

None of the girls on our team (or any of the grown-up women I’d met) looked like that, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that their telepath didn’t either. Continue reading Targets: Part 17

Targets: Part 16

The Syndicate L representative walked through the door only moments later.

If Ray had worn his khakis and button down shirt as some kind of office camouflage, the Syndicate L rep went one step further.

Middle aged with a tinge of gray in his brown hair, the guy wore a light brown suit coat over a black shirt. I thought I saw a bulge under his left arm, but couldn’t be sure.

It had to be a gun though. Continue reading Targets: Part 16