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Faerieland: Part 25

Samita raised an eyebrow at her question, but didn’t sound at all surprised as she said, “Some of us have good reason to believe that there are fairies in the compound.”

Cindy looked from her to the rest of us. “Like leprechauns or something?”

“Like the Faerie Incursion back in the 60s,” I suggested, hoping that would jog her memory.

“My school barely spent time on the history of anything after World War 2.” She frowned.

I nodded. “Mine didn’t either, but I heard about it.”

She gave a sigh. “I lived in a small town with about a thousand people and even though I didn’t know it, we were part of a cult created to raise the next generation of the Cabal. We didn’t pay much attention to the outside world.” Continue reading Faerieland: Part 25

Faerieland: Part 24

Samita rifled through her pouch, moving things with both hands, and finally coming up with an ACE bandage roll. She turned toward Haley and Haley stared at the roll.

“Are you going to have to set the bone, or will the bandage set it magically?”

Unrolling the bandage, Samita said, “The bandage will do it.”

Haley’s eyes darted down toward where the bone stuck out. “Good. I hope that means it won’t hurt.” Continue reading Faerieland: Part 24

Faerieland: Part 23

Thanks to my helmet dimming the flash, I had time to notice something I’d missed while fighting Calvin–that Cindy had charged Vaughn and Sean.

“Had charged” being the operative term. Cindy shuddered as the lightning hit, and fell. Unfortunately, she got back up again, randomly reminding me of the song “Tubthumping.”

The song doesn’t have any lyrics about screaming and tearing people limb from limb, but that’s what appeared to be on her mind as she leapt toward Vaughn. Continue reading Faerieland: Part 23

Faerieland: Part 22

The green eye blinked, and looked around the room. I held my breath, wondering if they’d see through the spell. It wasn’t a rational thought. Weird fleshy bits with eyes weren’t a faerie thing that I’d ever heard of.

I supposed though that that kind of thing would have fit comfortably with some of the weirder comics I’d seen—the ones that veered into horror.

And what was going on with them anyway? Where did they come from? One of the science labs? I thought harder. For all I knew one of the first years could separate into little bits of him or herself.

That was gross at best. Continue reading Faerieland: Part 22

Faerieland: Part 21

I turned around, leaning to the right to peer around the shattered wall. Three figures were walking down the hall. They weren’t close by any means, but they were close enough. The suit pegged them as being three hundred feet away.

Samita had already turned to face the hall, looking out of the opening we’d made. She turned again—this time back toward us. “Everyone come close to me.”

Holding her staff in front of herself, she said a few words and the room around me seemed different—almost transparent. I say almost because I couldn’t see through anything, but I felt like I could. Everything seemed to shimmer—our clothes, hair, the lights (of course)—even the all black server rack, and the rock walls.

Amy’s armor shimmered, but that was given. Continue reading Faerieland: Part 21

Entry Assessment: Part 5

Calvin flew toward us in the air in a leap that had to be getting extra force from the wind behind him, and he wasn’t alone.

Cindy and Paula jumped after him.

It didn’t work out as well as any of them would have expected.

A beam of iridescent light hit Calvin in the air, surrounding him with sparkles that kept on glowing as he flew toward us.

Continue reading Entry Assessment: Part 5

Entry Assessment: Part 4

Gunther continued, “The paintbot rounds stand in for the suit’s lasers, and for the explosive rounds which take out most people. Non-lethal rounds are perfectly allowable for this fight, Rocket. Captain Commando, your gun counts as a laser for this. Paint them with light, and you’ll take them out. The sword works too, but don’t turn it on.”

Gunther took in the group of us standing together. “Here’s how this will work: each group fights until there’s a clear winner between the two of you. You’ll need to think about how to do that, but I’m not going to give you time to talk about it.” Continue reading Entry Assessment: Part 4