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Rivalry: Part 16

“You’re going to fucking kill him,” Chris said.

“I was going to be careful. I wasn’t going to hit him against the ground as hard.”

“That’s insane.”

Sean descended from the black sky, landing in front of us. He turned his head to look at Jack floating above the street.

“Do you know how many people that guy killed? I was going to make sure he couldn’t do anything.”
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Rivalry: Part 15

Sean didn’t have a chance, and I knew it even if he didn’t.

I gave the rocketpack thrust, and aimed myself at Jack. Unfortunately, that was harder than it sounds. When you’re fighting someone who can grab you with his mind, a force field or some other kind of energy, you’ve got a couple choices — charge straight for him so quickly that he doesn’t have time to think, or make a lot of unpredictable turns while moving at an outrageous speed.

Jack went with the latter option, making it hard for Sean to concentrate on him, and for me to grab him.
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Rivalry: Part 14

Taking control of the direction of the flight didn’t work.

He had directional jets on his arms and legs. I had the rocketpack on my back. After a few moments of struggle, we established that he could change direction more easily than I could, and that tumbling through the air at hundreds of miles per hour made us both dizzy.

I powered down the rocketpack, and decided to concentrate on trashing his suit.
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Rivalry: Part 13

“But seriously,” he continued, “if you’re the new Heroes League, I’ve been looking for you.”

Travis looked Jack Maniac over, and said, “Why?”

“You’ve got something I want. I’m looking for a vehicle we used to own. It looks like a ball. You probably saw in the news a couple nights ago. I want it back. I heard that you’ve got it.”

Keeping my voice calm, I said, “From who?”

“Man-machine’s grandson. Nice kid. He was visiting his grandmother when we came over.”

“He’s okay, right?”

“Sure. He’s fine for now.”
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Rivalry: Part 11

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t sleep very well after that.

I dragged myself through the next day, almost falling asleep in study hall, barely staying awake during lectures. When it ended, I could at least console myself with the fact that it was Friday and I didn’t have any other demands on my life — probably.

Something did nag at my mind though. I thought I might have forgotten something. I just hoped it wasn’t important.
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