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Truth and the True: Part 7

Hardwick laughed though it didn’t have the joy and surprise of most laughter. “You want me to go to war with the Nine? Don’t kid yourself. I’m sure we’re every bit as compromised as anyone else. The moment we try to do anything, they’ll know.”

Ryan shook his head. “I’m not asking that. I’m asking that you talk to people over there and see what you can do to free us from them. Say that you want us for yourself. Since they know you’re friendly to them, they’ll know that if they want something from us, they can get it.” Continue reading Truth and the True: Part 7

Truth and the True: Part 6

It’s worth noting that technically I hadn’t received a physical list. I’d received a list as part of Hal’s message to my implant. When I thought about the message, I knew everything on the list. Russell Hardwick’s name was on one of the most recent conversations.

It had happened yesterday around eight in the morning, only a few hours before I’d come into work. The message described the location as Sandy LePage’s office, but the meeting was with Ryan McCall.

Of all the meetings, and there were more than 20, this one stood out because of who was involved, when it happened, and where.

I knew I wanted to look at it first. Continue reading Truth and the True: Part 6

Deeper In: Part 7

“Uh-huh,” I said, wondering if I’d just seen the beginning of a crime.

His smile widened. “You’ve never worked at the high levels of a business—any business, I bet, given your age. Trust me, there are things that are normal in a business that look scary to outsiders. That guy I talked to? He’s not going to go rob somebody. He’d go to jail, right? No, he’s going to think creatively now. That’s part of what being a manager means, knowing what will motivate your people to do their best. He needs a kick in the pants.

“Now before we were interrupted, I’d asked you what you’re interested in professionally. What’s your answer? Remember, there’s no shame in thinking big.” Continue reading Deeper In: Part 7

Deeper In: Part 6

When I walked into Higher Ground’s office, I had two minutes in front of my desk to check email before Stephanie all but dragged me away to the lab. I’d literally just clicked on an email she’d written to me. The subject? “COME TO THE LAB NOW!”

Even as I logged out of my computer and stood up from my chair, I heard the door open and Stephanie grabbed my arm and led me out the door to the lab.

Letting go of my arm as the door shut behind us, she said, “You’re meeting with  Ryan McCall. He’s the lab’s chief scientist.”

Walking next to her on the path to the lab, I managed to get out an, “Uh-huh.” Continue reading Deeper In: Part 6