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Space: Part 1

Xiniti Space Station Batukti: Edge of Interdicted Space/The Human Quarantine

Nikataktuk of the Xiniti Jump Gate Command stood alone in his office. He’d rather be with the rest of his clan, but there were some things that were easier thought through alone—many things in his position.

He thought at the far wall and it changed. No longer a landscape of the jungles of his homeworld, it mirrored the stars outside the space station. He turned toward the wall to the right, calling up a map of known space complete with jump gates, military installations, and major trade routes. Continue reading Space: Part 1

Space Date: Part 10

Once, when I asked my grandfather what Xiniti were like he said, “You know those science fiction stories where an explorer visits an unknown planet, discovers aliens that sneak back to Earth aboard their ship, and destroy the world? That’s what they’re like. At least, if you’re the Abominators. We managed to get off on the right foot with the Xiniti despite that.”

Staring at the Xiniti on the screen, I tried to come up with something appropriate to say. Not much came to mind. Continue reading Space Date: Part 10

Space Date: Part 9

The drone flew away, dodging the Xiniti ships by moving into the routes reserved for traffic coming out of the gate.

Even though most ships slowed down before using a gate, they didn’t have to, and could come out at theoretically any speed, so cutting across lanes wasn’t smart.

At the same time, the drone was freakishly fast, accelerating away from our ship in a blur. Continue reading Space Date: Part 9