“I can lift a few tons.” Haley gave a small shrug.

Amy tilted her head to the side–which seemed more noticeable in a helmet somehow. I think it must have been the way the short spikes on the top made her head appear longer. “I’ve never seen you lift anything.”

Haley stepped up to the wall. “I’m good at sneaking around, and I don’t wear much armor, so they don’t put me at the front of a fight.”

Amy stepped closer to Haley. “I wouldn’t either, but I didn’t know you were that strong. Mind if I help anyway?”

Haley shook her head. “Nick, are you ready?” (more…)

We walked back to the lab without saying anything more. In books I’ve seen people described as “walking together in companionable silence.” I don’t think that this was it.  This was more, “I’ve accepted your apology, but I still don’t know what to say to you,” silence.

When we got back, I walked straight to the Rocket suit, and did what I probably should have done before I walked to the storage room. I stepped on top of the ceramic block, and activated it from the stealth suit. (more…)

With a gait that was graceful and strong, but not quite human, Haley crossed the distance to the doorway, stopping next to the doorframe.

Amy’s wards made it appear that no one was in the room, but Haley had let the wall block their vision of her. She, in turn, didn’t try to look out the doorway. She closed her eyes, turned her nose slightly upward and sniffed.

At moments like that, I wished that Daniel were around. He’d be able to tell me what she’d smelled without risking asking her aloud.

I stood up. It was a risk, but if someone did walk through the doorway I wanted to be in the Rocket suit. (more…)

Samita pursed her lips. “In myths, mortals typically tricked the fae into leaving them alone. They also lost a lot.”

“Great.” I considered logging in to my computer for a moment before remembering that the compound was locked down. That meant no internet access. We’d have to rely on anything in Samita or Amy’s personal libraries, and whatever we remembered about the fae.

In my case that wasn’t much. (more…)

My eyes lingered on the wound. “Anyone feel up to treating this? If it’s me it’s just going to be basic first aid, but Amy? Samita?”

Samita fumbled for her pouch. “I made a few rolls of bandages. They don’t heal wounds, but you don’t bleed while you’re wrapped up.”

Vaughn raised an eyebrow. “How’s that better than normal bandages?”

Samita looked up from sticking her arm inside the pouch up to the elbow and feeling around. “I didn’t explain it very well. It’s much better. While you’re wrapped up it’s as if you weren’t even hurt, and you can wear it long enough without changing the wrap that you heal.”

Nodding, Vaughn said, “You’re right. That’s lots better.” (more…)

“If we’re going to fight people,” I said, “and especially if we’re going fight people we know, I want to go back to my lab and get my regular armor before we do anything else.”

Samita nodded. “That seems wise. With Amy’s wards up, it might even be a safe haven from the fae.”

“Let’s run with that,” Amy said. “But let’s not stick around too much longer. I don’t want to fight these guys twice if I don’t have to.”

I glanced around the room. Neither the goblins nor the troll appeared to be particularly active. The troll still snored. The goblins mostly lay on the floor. One of them whimpered. (more…)

The troll didn’t move.  I looked back toward Vaughn and Samita to see how they were doing, noticing that only two goblins were standing.

Vaughn electrocuted one as it nocked an arrow to its bowstring. The other pulled a sword, charging Samita. She held her staff out, probably readying a lightning bolt of her own. As the goblin passed another goblin that was lying unconscious on the rock floor, it slipped in a puddle of some liquid (probably urine), and its feet shot into the air as it fell backward.

Its helmet fell off, and the back of its head hit the floor. (more…)


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Worse,  the goblins didn’t just have teeth. They wore armor and carried weapons–specifically swords and bows.

I took in the situation, and came up with the best plan I could think of on short notice. “I’ll grab Haley. Cover me?”

Still staring down the hallway, Amy didn’t look at me. “I’m going with you.  You need someone to handle the troll.”

To be fair, Amy became a lot more intimidating as Bloodmaiden than she was as Amy. She went from being only a little taller than Haley to a little taller than me, and from being thin to… It was hard to tell if she became more muscular because her black and blood red armor would have thickened her arms even if they didn’t grow. I was pretty sure they did though. Even her hair thickened and grew.

All the same, while she looked intimatiding, she didn’t look “I can take down a troll” intimidating. (more…)

Having already reformed the suit’s helmet, I watched as the suit attempted to connect to several different networks, finally only connecting to one–the Castle Rock Compound’s network.

Once connected, notifications began pouring in to my phone, lighting up in the corner of my HUD. I caught a few names as the numbers climbed–all of them students, most of them League members or friends. They were probably trying to contact me after I had sunk into the floor.

I considered opening up my queue and reading them. One of them might have been Haley. (more…)