Nick Klein never intended to be a superhero.

But, with the death of his grandfather, an active superhero during World War 2 through the early 1980’s, everything changed. Nick inherited his grandfather’s powered armor, his grandfather’s team’s command center, and found that his friends (the grandchildren of other team members) were very much interested in bringing back the Grand Lake Heroes League.

Nick had to make a choice. Go along with everyone else or avoid it? If he did go along with it, and restart the League, would any of the old League’s unfinished business come back to haunt them?

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So far, there are three stories in the Legion of Nothing series. They are:

Rebirth: The story of how the Heroes League restarted and found themselves fighting against the Cabal, a group somehow associated with Red Lightning, the member who betrayed the original Heroes League.

The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth (Volume 1)This is now a book, and an edited version can be bought on Amazon. Read more here, but you can still read the unedited version online.

Powers: Thanks to the new Heroes League, superheroes across the country have targeted and destroyed most of the Cabal. Now, however, the government has learned many of the Cabal’s secrets. How will they use them?

Alien Machines & Evil Beatniks: A series of short stories, and novellas that explore some of the other characters in the Heroes League from their own perspectives as well as exploring some of the stranger legacies from the original League.

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