The Legion of Nothing: Powers

The Legion of Nothing: Powers (book 2) was published on February 12, 2016.

It’s available at Amazon and Smashwords at the moment. It should appear in more places soon. Here’s the book’s back cover description:

E_book_cover_V2Last fall, Nick and his friends restarted their grandparents’ superhero team, taking down their city’s mayor and a conspiracy in the process. With the conspiracy’s formula for granting superpowers in the hands of the government, and the conspiracy nearly destroyed, there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

Now though, the newly reformed Heroes’ League has learned that an assassin who specializes in killing supers has been sighted near Grand Lake. Worse, he’s been sighted near Nick’s girlfriend’s family cottage.

Between a man who is willing to kill them all, and a formula that might not be as secret as they’d hope, life is about to get complicated.

The Legion of Nothing: A Series of Online Superhero Novels (Updates Monday and Thursday)