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Jim Zoetewey grew up in Holland, Michigan, near where L Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz and other books in that series. Admittedly, Baum moved away more than sixty years before Jim was even born, but it’s still kind of cool.

Jim didn’t attain his goal of never leaving school, but did prolong his stay as long as possible. He majored in religion and sociology at Hope College, gaining enough credits to obtain minors in ancient civilizations and creative writing—had he thought to submit applications to the relevant departments. He attended Western Theological Seminary for two years. He followed that up by getting a masters degree in sociology at Western Michigan University.

Once out of school, he took up the most logical occupation for someone with his educational background: web developer and technical support. Simultaneously, he finished all but three credits of a masters in Information Systems, a degree that’s actually relevant to his field.

He’s still not done.

In the meantime, he’s been writing stories about superheroes and posting them online at He’s still not sure whether that was a good idea, but continues to do it anyway.

He’s also not sure why he’s writing this in the third person, but he’s never seen an author bio written in first person and doesn’t want to rock the boat.

You can contact him about this blog at [email protected].

13 thoughts on “The Author”

  1. Hello I’m a big fan of the legion of nothing and I was wondering if I could do a kind of Podcast or podiobook for the legion of nothing of what you have already written on this website? Like I listened to on podiobooks?

    One of your biggest fans

  2. Its been a few weeks since I last contacted you about Podcasting your book of the stuff you have put up on the website and wondered if I could do it til your normal podcaster comes back. What do you think?

  3. Here’s what’s going on with the podcast. It is going to be taken down when the professionally done audiobook appears.

    After that, I’m going to be thinking about the direction of what I’m doing with podcasts.

  4. Ah, someone finally comments on the way the 3rd person thing, I was confused about who was writing them as a kid.

    Really funny stuff dude, why not experiment with comedy in the story? I think a good way would be to throw it into one of the personas you shift perspectives to every now and then. I don’t think we’ve seen Vaughn perspective yet and it seems like it may fit his personality. Or Jaclyn -maybe she’s hilarious inside her head but never says anything. I would say Cassie but you’ve already had her. Maybe Nick is exposed to something and goes loopy for a while, it would be funny to see straight-laced Nick like that. I don’t know mate, I think you could pull it off and it would be fun for both us and you.

    1. I’ve occasionally thought it would be amusing to write a Deadpool-esqe story using Lee.

      Both Marcus and Vaughn lend themselves to comedy too, Vaughn because I can easily imagine him talking incessantly during a fight, and Marcus because he’s so into comics that he’d constantly be comparing them to “reality.”

  5. So I started reading Legion of Nothing about a month or two ago, and I’m all caught up (yes, I binged it a LOT). While I plan on re-reading it to enjoy any potential foreshadowing and checking how hints are laid out before secrets get laid bare, I would love to know if there’s a good way that I could submit editing feedback. Not about story, of course, but typos, punctuation, and if there’s a missing or extra word. It’s something I found a bit distracting while reading.
    I know you have print copies of at least some of these available, but just hoping I can help improve before the next edition or publication. Please let me know, as it may impact when I order the books for my shelf.

    1. Just write the edits in the comments. I’ll get to them.

      That said, I’m always amazed when people get through the whole series that quickly, but I shouldn’t be. I do the same with Dresden Files books.

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