The Cast

The New Heroes League:

Nick (The Rocket): Nick Klein is a geeky guy who inherited his grandfather’s (The Rocket’s) powered armor and superhero identity. He’s highly interested in technology and has very mixed feelings about being a superhero.

Description: Brown haired and of average height, he doesn’t stand out in a crowd. The powered armor he wears is golden with black detailing. The design comes straight out of the Art Deco period.

Abilities: Talent and skill at designing and repairing devices. Trained in the martial arts.
Armor’s Abilities: Strength, Speed, Sonic powers, Flight, Protection (it is armor…)

Cassie (Captain Commando): Daughter of (the late) Captain Commando, Cassie wants to be a hero for reasons she’s never fully thought through. She’s out-going, athletic and persistent. Having somehow acquired abilities that mirror her father’s precisely, she’s taken on his identity.

Description: She’s blond haired and looks athletic, but not like a body builder. Her costume is blue with the US flag on her chest.

Abilities: Near Instantaneous Regeneration. Seemingly endless endurance. Better than human strength, and agility. Her father’s sword cuts through most things.

Daniel (The Mystic): Nick’s best friend since childhood and the first of a third generation of telepaths in his family. His grandfather (The Mentalist) was in the original Heroes League. His father (Mindstryke) is actively engaged in being a superhero himself. As a hero, Daniel calls himself the Mystic. Daniel’s a model student and an athlete. He’s also detail oriented and has a strong sense of right and wrong (except where it comes to personal privacy).

Description: Daniel’s dark haired, slightly over six feet tall, and good looking. He looks like a hero. His costume is black with silver accents.

Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Precognition, Clairvoyance.

Haley (Night Cat): Night Wolf’s granddaughter. Formerly well known around her high school as being one of the better athletes on the gymnastics team, she ended up searching for purpose in her life after realizing that she’d be publicly humiliated if people discovered she had superhuman agility. Haley’s simultaneously a little shy and an extrovert. She’s not sure what she wants to do after high school beyond going to college. The family restaurant business doesn’t inspire her, for example. On the other hand she still works there when she’s out of school.

Description: About five feet tall. Shoulder length, dark hair. Light skin. Costume is gray with a stylized picture of a cat’s face on the chest.

Abilities: Strong enough to throw small cars. Extremely agile. Heightened senses. Retractable claws and fangs. Healing factor.

Jaclyn (Accelerando): The granddaughter of Hotfoot (later “C”), a member of the original Heroes League. Jaclyn intends to be a doctor and is focused on getting into as prestigious a university as she can manage. For that reason, she’s not as involved with the new League as she might be. Nick and Jaclyn’s extracurricular school activities match up, bringing them into contact semi-regularly despite going to different schools.

Description: Tall (about 5′ 10″). Dark skin. Dark, curly hair. Her costume is purple.

Abilities: Speed (around the speed of sound), strength, toughness/limited invulnerability.

Marcus (The Shift): Grandson of both Night Wolf and Hotfoot/C. Marcus likes people, likes the idea of being part of a renewed Heroes League, but since he goes to a charter school, he doesn’t see any of the rest of the team regularly, and thus doesn’t get pulled in soon enough. Marcus has many enthusiasms and tends toward creative interests — cooking, drawing/painting. So far his longest running interest is comic books. He probably knows more about comic book superheroes than he does about real life superheroes. Like the rest of Night Wolf’s family, he ends up working in the family business.

Description: Marcus is of average height, has curly hair, and light brown skin. His costume is green, starting nearly white on one side and gradually changing to nearly black on the other.

Abilities: Shapeshifting. Marcus’ whole body transforms into the same grayish substance that forms Travis’ and Haley’s claws. It’s both hard to destroy and malleable.

Rachel (Ghost): Nick’s sister, granddaughter of The Rocket and Ghostwoman. Rachel manages to be both a model student in the eyes of parents and professors, and secretly something of a troublemaker. Even before joining the League, she already had figured out ways to sneak out of the house without using her powers — largely to attend parties, but sometimes to pull pranks. Now in college, Rachel majors in art and is working toward minors in business and art history. She also plays guitar, and has been in bands.

Description: Almost as tall as Nick, Rachel has short black hair. Her costume is a white body suit.

Abilities: Invisibility. Intangibility. Slow flight. She also has taser gloves, a utility belt, and a pistol.

Travis (Night Wolf): Night Wolf’s grandson. Now in college and majoring in business, Travis was a very big deal in high school. Widely admired for his skills in football (the team won the state championship), he was also involved in student council, was class president as sophomore, and worked in his family’s business (sometimes as a manager). He’s interested in taking over for his father, but hasn’t ruled out other opportunities.

Description: Nearly seven feet tall, Travis has the build of a weightlifter. He tends to be clean cut, and is as comfortable in suits as t-shirt and jeans.

Abilities: Extremely strong. Agile. Heightened senses. Retractable claws and fangs. Healing factor.

Vaughn (Storm King): Red Lightning’s grandson. Generally good natured and outgoing, Vaughn also has had problems with drugs and the associated behavior problems. Despite his family’s wealth, he owes a lot of money to a variety of people, and his parents insist he needs to pay all of them back. Vaughn’s mom knows that he’s involved with the new League, and isn’t happy at all about it. Vaughn meanwhile continues to work toward personal and public redemption.

Description:Around 5′ 8″. Good looking. Long haired (for a guy). Tends to dress a little goth, but isn’t really into the subculture. Costume: Black with a lot of pockets and unnecessary straps.

Abilities:Controls weather, generates lightning bolts from his hands, flies by being pushed by the wind.

The Original Heroes League
C/Big C/Hotfoot (Reginald Braxton)
Captain Commando (John Kowalski)
Ghostwoman (Romy Niemann Vander Sloot)
The Mentalist (Isaac Cohen)
Night Wolf (Chuck McAllister)
Red Lightning (Giles Hardwick)
The Rocket (Joe Vander Sloot)

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  1. Hey is there any chance the character list could be updated? There’s so many people I sometimes lose track.

  2. Awesome stuff so far! Just a quick editing note I saw:
    “Rachel manages to be a both model student in the eyes of parents and professors”

    Should be “…both a model student…”

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