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The Legion of Nothing serial is slowly (very, very slowly) being converted into books–the slogan of the conversion process being, “Now with more editing!”

Writing the serial is incredibly fun, but I get it out by the skin of my teeth every single update. Editing is one of the things that suffers. The other is planning. I do plan, but I don’t have the insight that 20/20 hindsight provides. What I’m saying by that is that when I get to revise, I make it better, cleaner, and generally tighter.

That means that it’s not the same thing as the serial. I get to put more thought into it and I hope that shows.

You can buy my books at 24 Symbols, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Page Foundry/Inktera, Scribd, Smashwords, and Tolino . It may well be in a larger number of places by the time you read this.

It’s also available to your local library through a variety of ebook distribution networks (Overdrive, for example). So if you want to read it for free, contact your local library system and request it. Then they’ll buy it, and I’ll have access to more potential fans.

If you’ve read one of my books and enjoyed it, please review it wherever you bought it as well as Goodreads. Reviews make the book more visible and give the book credibility with the potential reader.

The series so far (click on the covers for more information):

The Legion of Nothing: Rebirth (Volume 1)

The Legion of Nothing: Powers (Volume 2)

5 thoughts on “Buy the Books!”

    1. I’m currently having some difficulty getting good scans of the illustrations. My scanner is old enough that it doesn’t work with my current computer and I don’t feel comfortable buying a new scanner. Thus, I am experimenting with other options, and mostly not liking them. Also, I am still waiting on the print cover. Plus, there’s the fact that my job ends next Friday, so I’m in a state of ongoing fear…

      That doesn’t help me lay out the book. That said, I’m close to done with the layout of the ebook. Print will be the bigger challenge.

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