In the Public Eye: Part 44

My grandfather’s property (and that of all the neighbors on his side of the block) went up to the edge of Veterans Memorial Park. I followed the chain link fence that separated private property from city property.

I slowed down as I got closer to where I’d seen the shot. No point in running into somebody’s line of fire.

Three houses away from my grandfather’s house, I heard Daniel in my head.

Nick. Stop.

I stopped.

Me: Where are you?
Daniel: In the trees with Haley and Marcus.
Me: Where’s everyone else?
Daniel: Stuck to the street in front of the house.
Me: What?
Daniel: Future Knight has some kind of gun that can shoot sticky stuff.
Me: That Jaclyn or Travis can’t break?
Daniel: Not without ripping the skin off their legs.
Me: Ugh. So, now what?
Daniel: We’re at a bit of an impasse. We’ve got Red Bolt, but they can’t get close without me slamming them back. I can’t get them because Water (of the Elementals) is literally water right now and Future Knight has some kind of anti-telepathy thing in his suit.
Me: How’d the mayor get into his head then?
Daniel: I guess it must not be on all the time.
Me: Well, depending on how much power it draws, I could see that.

I stood over the fence from the Nicholson’s backyard. As a little kid, I had played with their son Jon when I’d been over at my grandparents. I glanced over toward the house, wondering what the family was doing.

The answer? Staring at me. I could see four figures crowding the patio door. Mr. Nicholson held a phone to his ear.

Daniel: Whatever we’re going to do, we’ll have to do it before the police come.
Me: Yeah. Can we bring in everybody and discuss things?
Daniel: I’d rather just bring in those that can move. I’m getting kind of tired — oh, wait a second. Let me deal with this.

Two figures stepped past the brown, two story house on the other side of Grandpa’s. The first, seven feet of walking human-shaped water, splashed toward the woods. Behind it came Future Knight, laser rifle in his hands, a wide barreled pistol hanging at his side that reminded me of a musket. His silver armor glistened wetly in the porch light.

Suddenly Future Knight started running towards the woods, sweeping the rifle’s red beam like a flashlight. Then, as if attracted by some unseen force, Future Knight and Water flew together with a splash, killing the beam. Just as quickly, they shot backwards, disappearing between the houses.

Me: That was pretty cool.
Daniel: Yeah, but they’re trying to wear me out. I’ve done that about three times now.
Me: Why didn’t you just hold them in the air or something?
Daniel: The water elemental guy is strong enough to break my hold. I’ve got to keep contact brief. Anyway, here’s everybody…

I felt Haley’s presence along with brief happiness and a strong sense of anxiety. Then Marcus came into the link. He radiated amusement.

Marcus: Hey Nick, I caught Fire by myself. Turned into a ball — only with a mouth — and snuffed her like a candle.
Me: Good idea. Where’s she now?
Marcus: Daniel put her to sleep and floated her into HQ.
Haley (almost simultaneously): We don’t have time to talk. They’ve got everybody else.
Daniel and I (simultaneously): Right.
Me: Well, I might be able to take out Future Knight… and if you guys can distract the water guy for a while maybe Cassie can cut herself free or something.
Daniel: She already tried once and he just gooped her again while she was doing it. I had to talk her out of cutting off her foot.
Haley: Are you serious?
Daniel: It would grow back.
Marcus: I can just see her hopping after Future Knight on one leg like that knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Me: Wow. It would be exactly like that. It’s just a flesh wound!
Daniel: Um… guys? Not now.
Haley: Let’s go —

Future Knight’s computer generated and amplified voice cut off her thought. “Attention Heroes League! I’ve called the police and the Midwest Defenders for assistance. Surrender now and it’ll go easier on you.”

Daniel: Yeah, right. My dad’s practically in the Defenders right now. If they come, they won’t be helping these guys.
Haley: Let’s go.
Me: I’m going.

The rockets roared.

7 thoughts on “In the Public Eye: Part 44”

  1. Whatever fits the character talking, I guess. I tend to imagine that they’re growing up in the same media stew as everybody else.

    That being said a lot of the references are kind of geeky because Nick’s the narrator.

    Had I written a story with Cassie (for example) as the narrator, we’d probably end up with a lot of sports metaphors.

  2. Don’t forget the Trekkies! We like superheroes too!

    This is the best supers fight I’ve seen since X-Men United. And it ends with “The rockets roared”.

    That line is so kickass for a three word sentence.

  3. I’m a new reader…and loving the story so far!

    I’m curious why Water would be immune to telepathic attack while in water form. Especially since he’s still taking on human shape, it seems like his mind would have to be actively creating and sustaining that shape.

    It seems like if his mind were active, it should also be susceptible to psychic attack.

    1. I went with idea that it was magic and not the result of something that can be scientifically explained. He’s fully transformed into water. There’s no mind there. It’s somewhere else or transformed in a way that makes it inaccessible.

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